Very loud intestinal sounds

kiwikidd77, Jun 20, 6:59pm
Over the past 5 months my intestines have been increasingly making very loud growling noises.

I'm 67, a little overweight, eat well and slowly losing weight. Last blood tests for diabetes (diet controlled for several years) were normal.

Bowel motions are very loose with no sign of blood.

No discomfort except when the gurgling is happening.

Friends are noticing how loud its become.

Should I be concerned or is this likely just a part of getting older.

kiwikidd77, Jun 20, 7:00pm
Forgot to add that I can feel the gas or liquids moving with the noises.

gilligee, Jun 20, 8:20pm
Are you on medication causing this?
Discuss with your doctor.

arabelle, Jun 22, 8:20am

vmax2, Jun 22, 11:15am
Go get some probiotics and trial not eating bread or anything made from flour.

annies3, Jun 22, 6:18pm
Do go and discuss this with your Dr, the sounds coupled with the loose motions, discomfort and maybe other signs will mean more to them, and there are tests which can be carried out to determine the reason for your problem.

kitty179, Jun 23, 1:46pm
Maybe you have developed a lactose or gluten intolerance? Quite common with aging, I believe. Your doc can arrange tests.

supern0va, Nov 2, 4:16am
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