Mary Kay does anyone still use this thanks

jaybee43, Jun 3, 1:21pm
I am thinking of using and maybe selling it, don't want to do party plan but wondered do people still use/like it after all these years thanks

pico42, Jun 3, 1:26pm
It is still a MLM, which likely means that you may annoy and alienate friends, relatives etc in your quest to sell.
And sure enough a short search turns up some fairly strong anecdotal evidence that it’s much the same as any other MLM.

jaybee43, Jun 3, 4:27pm
I really don't care if it's a MLM it's the products I care about, I have a passion for hair products and skin care as well so looking for something to sell and use

jaybee43, Jun 3, 6:48pm
I am also interested in Doterra if any one has used that too

pico42, Jun 3, 9:53pm
You will do fine then.

kara101, Jun 4, 6:17pm
We have doterra at home but now you can buy the same or similar diffusers etc from kmart for one tenth the price.

kara101, Jun 4, 6:18pm
I like mary kay cosmetics but you are up against huge competition now that there is a huge amount of celebrities selling makeup and people can buy online now. You need to have a point of difference, i would look at maybe a more organic type of range that is natural etc as a lot of people are now more aware of what they are putting on their skins especially younger people.

jaybee43, Jun 4, 6:31pm
yes I agree I am so confused as there is so much out there Mary Kay has been around for so long I wondered if any one still uses it and Doterra looks and sounds great but it is expensive that's the problem there are too many choices now.

yapper, Jun 5, 2:04pm
I used to use it and loved it but they stopped making foundation and I stopped buying it. and my friend stopped selling it. haven't seen it for years - am interested that someone wants to sell it. I agree that you'd be up against it nowadays though. best of luck anyway OP.

jaybee43, Jun 5, 2:14pm
thanks hard decision to make what to do I haven't even seen it yet

jaybee43, Nov 6, 4:58am
They do make foundations I looked at some products today looks really good

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