Medical Records

frances1266, Apr 11, 5:20pm
Is it possible to obtain a copy of your medical notes going back a number of years, if so, how do you go about it?

shakirafan, Apr 11, 5:28pm
Request them from your Dr.

frances1266, Apr 11, 5:47pm
How far back do they go, do you know.

kitty179, Apr 11, 6:00pm

shakirafan, Apr 11, 6:04pm
My husband had his given to him when he had surgery, they dated back to when he was a small child.

angelah1, Apr 11, 6:55pm
the history will depend on whether you have been consistent in where you live, how many GPs you have had, how often you have changed practices etc. They had to post them not so long ago which meant keeping them all together was harder

madoof1, Nov 30, 6:03pm
if it is hospital records, you can go in and request to view and copy them.

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