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carokat, Jun 11, 12:03pm
I was taking probiotics and got constipated stopped taking them and back to normal so suggested to someone who was having the opposite problem to try the probiotics and they fixed her problem.

geeceejay, Jun 11, 12:26pm
Get rid of wholemeal bread and try more grains in bread n porridge for breakie

shanreagh, Jun 11, 12:55pm
Drink more water. If you get a jug out and a nice glass and put 1 litre in the jug and pour some into the glass and leave it where you could see it, it will trigger you to drink it. Some people don't like cold water, so heat it slightly. Some like a squeeze of lemon. I have just made some apple cider and for a different taste I am putting a couple of teaspoons in a glass of water. Some also put a teaspoon of oil like olive oil as well especially for the morning drinks. So a glass with lemon or cider and a tsp of oil stirred up.

As far as Konsyl-D is concerned this was a tip given to me by a gastroenterlogist. Get a cup of yoghurt and mix 2 tsps of konsyl _D into it and stir. If you leave it, it comes out like mousse. You eat it and have a glass of water at the same time. I make mine mid afternoon, to have after a meal in the evening. I sometimes 'special' it up and put it in to a sundae dish.

shanreagh, Jun 11, 1:11pm
Sometimes going for a walk will do the trick and encourage going. In winter we some times don't get out and about as much as we need to. Another trick is to have a warm bath. I don't think you should be waiting for 15-20 mins. try to sit on the toilet at the same time each day but straining won't help. Squatting over a bowl of warm water can help as can squatting over a potty or similar or bowl lined with paper. This squatting is to help get your body/muscles in the correct position.

Try Kiwicrush - available at the supermarket in frozen foods?

mitzi502, Jun 11, 2:16pm
The best decision. If he/she touches the prescription pad you must INSIST you get tests done. It may be a problem that needs some other type of treatment. Good luck to you.

h28skipper, Jun 11, 3:04pm
I have experienced a very similar situation that jeanza finds herself in. Simply taking a few kiwifruit, teas, going for a walk etc. etc. is unlikely to work in this situation. I tried them all, believe me.
Many laxatives I bought over the counter irritated the bowel and caused a lot of pain. I went to the doctor. He told me to stay on the toilet until I 'go' lol. I replied that I would be sitting there for a week and he told me not to be so ridiculous. I said it was the truth. He prescribed me Granocol which was difficult to swallow at first as it is like little apple pips and I gagged lol. I had to tell myself to stop being so damned ridiculous and just do it. It is taken with water and is yeast-based to bulk and softens things up as opposed to irritating the bowel.
I also took LSA (ground linseed, sunflower seeds, and almonds)each morning. I didn't eat any bran etc. but ate things which are easy on the stomach. Along with this I went for walks, and did stomach massages . It worked after a day or two. I kept on with the Granocol for a while, gradually reduced it, and I have never had a problem since. One thing I did notice was that when I went to the loo and things didn't happen fairly quickly, I tended to get up and leave. I realised I had to stay there (which wasn't long at all after the Granocol treatment) and that was the problem. It could be that nothing is really "going on". I believe my bowel had become lazy and I had to retrain.

buzzy110, Jun 11, 4:22pm
So korbo are you also jeanza?

Wouldn't a diabetic have specific medications and health issues that would require a doctor rather than advice from a message board. Ever heard of gastroparesis? This is a complication of poorly controlled type 2 diabetes and may be responsible for constipation.

For what it is worth, my best solution to constipation is to stop eating to stop overloading an already stressed digestive system and then once everything has returned to normal, eat fewer meals per day - i.e. only one or two. But a diabetic may have issues with medications, etc making that solution impracticable.

popped_out, Jun 11, 6:37pm
How much water are you really taking in? one persons heaps might be another persons not many. Couple of glasses, couple of litres?

korbo, Jun 11, 8:02pm
. cousin was here,and forgot to log in to her account to comment, hence my name.Never had constipation, but she is in a lot of pain.

buzzy110, Jun 12, 12:47pm
OK. I have no experience with constipation and cannot quite figure out how it causes pain unless it is from piles caused by 'pushing'.

Two things - firstly I got piles from pushing my youngest out. She was a big baby. My very practical and down to earth doctor suggested I just push them back. It worked. No piles after a few weeks of pushing them back in .

Secondly, I still stand by my 'stop eating' suggestion. Have lots of water. The human body is designed to go through feasts and famines. Despite all the rubbish we have been fed about eating 3 times a day with snacks in between, fasting for a couple of days won't actually kill us or do us harm. In fact the lack of excess insulin allows the body to produce vital human growth hormones. These handy hormones course through the body healing and repairing as they go. Our eating habits means we do not produce enough HGHs. If we did we would not need to see the doctor as much as we do because our bodies would be doing what Nature designed them to do - heal and repair on a daily basis.

zirconium, Jun 12, 12:57pm
1. Try Yoga or Pilates for a few weeks
2. Drink a large cup of warm water (slightly warmer than body temperature) with every meal, on top of what you would drink normally
3. Some people find a magnesuinm supliment helps (check with your dr first).

yz490, Nov 7, 7:48am
Ok i've been here up top somewhere but just reinforce in this case [OP's case], see the Dr, tell him the story & say you need emptying out 'now' not in a few days! , ask for--or about--suppositories then come up with a plan! for after that, whether it be a trip to the endoscopy specialist or just eat right--have a plan that works & stick to it. There's a food clinic or something at hospital that the endoscopy Dr referred me to--Dietary clinic that's it--mind you that was for lactose intolerance come to think but same probably applies for constipation. My thoughts for a wet n miserable Tuesday.

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