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jeanza, Jun 10, 5:19pm
I normally would not go to media, but at the moment am at my wits end.
I take Laxol, Konsyl-d (similar to metamucial), eat plenty of spinach, wholemeal bread, heaps of water,and just good NZ tucker. Not a lot of fried food.
For the past 2 weeks have been 9/10 constipated and just *can't go*
today has been very bad,and after sitting there for 15-20 mins, I come over all shakey and feel quiet sick.
Anyone got any *brillant * ideas. I am not under stress.take probiotic tablets every 2nd day. surely they would not bung one uo
thanks for reading, as I said, not a lovely subject.

smyrnia, Jun 10, 5:33pm
Senna, either premade tea or pods and make your own is effective.
But sounds as though something else may be going on.

lyingnun, Jun 10, 5:36pm
Alpine Tea available at most supermarkets is a good natural fix. Also you can buy Lactulose from the chemist which is a gentle but very effective treatment.
Also Kiwifruit juice - with or without ALoe is another healthy option.

carter19, Jun 10, 5:40pm
Do you put your feet up on a stool? It really helps.

lillol, Jun 10, 5:44pm
Lactulose it’s amazing stuff!

harrislucinda, Jun 10, 5:50pm
take metca mucil every day i do sprinkle over breakfast

geldof, Jun 10, 5:50pm
You could buy yourself a microlax enema to get through this 'crisis', but I would be looking at why you are having this issue.
prevention is far superior to cure.
personally, I find that increasing healthy fats is the easiest way to manage these things.
If you do some research you will find that fibre is in fact and irritant to the bowel and you will just end up perpetuating the problem.
The incidence of IBS, diverticulosis etc has risen as the guidelines for eating more fibre have risen.

sarahb5, Jun 10, 6:06pm
Alpine tea at night or kiwifruit but I do wonder why you’re sitting on the loo trying to go for 15 to 20 minutes if nothing’s happening - it sounds lij3 you eat a diet very high in fibre - it is possible to have too much

lyndad59, Jun 10, 6:15pm
Prune juice

cleo444, Jun 10, 7:03pm
Kiwi fruit works for me, but if this goes on much longer than two weeks and it is not normal for you, you should see your doctor.

gph1961, Jun 10, 7:44pm
DB double brown

inatiz, Jun 10, 8:00pm
Is this normal for you or has it just started recently? I too think it would be wise to see your Doctor.

spyware, Jun 10, 8:04pm
All you'll get from a doctor is lactulose. They won't even guess at any cause. Waste of money.

inatiz, Jun 10, 8:30pm
I wouldn't want my doctor to 'guess' on the cause but would hope he would make some investigations if necessary to find out why this is happening. It doesn't sound as if you have much faith in your doctor.

yz490, Jun 10, 8:36pm
Specialist [Gastroenterologist] said 'natural unprocessed' bran, [that was 30+ years ago] used to get it from the bulk bin although getting harder to find but can get it in bags from supermarket, think its Healtheries stuff but in saying that 'New-World had none last time, so got Edmonds cooking bran which is finer but probably does the same job.--Hate it but it works or helps. Lactulose syrup i get on script but can buy over the counter & doesn't take any prisoners [you'll Go with 20mls]. My Metamucil's been changed this time by my Dr to 'bonVit' which works similar but different. Hate changing a good thing but maybe there's now a charge on the other but not on this product. Best one for years was 'Normacol' but stopped being subsidised, not sure if still the case. Was like swallowing gravel with water & not fun although might be different versions of the same thing available. Anyway, Lactulose. & Kiwi Fruit, the furry stuff. Gold is ok & nicer but furry green works better. If desperate [& i think you should] get some suppositories from your doctor & follow the instructions--actualy realy think you should do that for a start to get back to, Ummm, a clean start! . Good luck, [i feel ya pain] then good management.

bella95, Jun 10, 9:05pm
For goodness sake go to a Dr. There are heaps of things that could be causing this - some of them life threatening. As you've been constipated for so long it's very unlikely that anything you swallow will soften the blockage at the 'far end' you may need a softening enema.

cleo444, Jun 10, 9:10pm
Maybe you should keep your prejudices to yourself

spyware, Jun 10, 9:26pm
Comes from experience and another day of constipation.

spyware, Jun 10, 9:28pm
Doctors guess most things. Mainly paint by numbers. And you won't get any investigations unless you pay for them yourself.

Note: constipation is a common complaint so I don't know why anyone would even expect any investigation.

schnauzer11, Jun 10, 11:31pm
You really should stick to whatever you do know rather than denigrating doctors yet again. Constipation can be a symptom of some serious illnesses and there are various diagnostic tools to determine the cause. All the best, OP, and I'd be seeing your GP if you're no better in a couple of days.

otako, Jun 11, 1:04am
Jeanza ditch the wholemeal bread and all flour products they feed the microbiome 2 kg of parasite bacteria in your gut that feed on starch and produce butyric acid a simple fat as a waste product. Butyric acid is said to be protective to the intestinal walls and a fuel source for the body when it enters the blood stream. Butyric acid is also in butter hence the name butyric. In my opinion the microbiome is overrated in gut health if you eat butter no need for the microbiome and if it is over active a possible cause of constipation and IBS.

Agree with geldof eat the healthy omega 3 fats aka oils and also the saturated fats they will assist the stool to slide in the gut. The Omega 3 fats include avocado, salmon, tuna, olive oil and saturated fats are from meats such as bacon, lamb, beef and pork.

Constipation is also a symptom of hypo thyroidism which has several causes including the body conserving it's energy due to caloric restriction.

norse_westie, Jun 11, 8:56am
Add lightly steamed broccoli into your diet every day - it really helps. Also if you can tolerate them, some oats (porridge) for breakfast or a morning tea snack.

To get things going now, start with eating 2 kiwifruit a day (preferably the green not gold and with skins if you can manage it) and take a teaspoon of good quality coconut oil each day. By day three you should have a soft stool that is easy to pass. Then continue to eat a kiwifruit, coconut oil and add in the broccoli and oats.

articferrit, Jun 11, 9:13am
Try eating an orange before you go to bed, an old wifes remedy which seems to work.

frances1266, Jun 11, 11:54am
Kiwi fruit is good as is cider vinegar & pinch bicarb soda in a small glass of water and sip, this is excellent. Good luck.

korbo, Jun 11, 11:54am
thanks for the help. Doc on Friday, and things slowing moving. lol

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