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colliers, Feb 7, 10:32pm
I just cant seem to find the right colour for myself - have to get most thing either online or trade Me and end up giving them away. I am in my late 70s, have mid grey hair - quite bright and blue eyes. I wear a a lot of blues and some reds, any suggestions would be good please.

letitia, Feb 8, 1:53am
I am 72 with medium grey hair and blue eyes. I wear purples, darker pinks, red and blue. For years I have used the same lipstick which seems to go with everything. It's Revlon Super Lustrous - Blushing Mauve - 460. It is a pearlised lipstick but the pearliness is very subtle. Don't be put off by the colour name. It's not really mauve at all, more of a rosy brownish pink, if that makes sense. I find it very versatile. Photos of the colour online don't show it accurately so go and try a tester.

lythande1, Feb 8, 8:32am
Paler colours, the blonde (or grey) people look awful with scarlet and bright colours.

holly-rocks, Feb 8, 12:29pm
I love that you want to wear lippy! It can really brighten the face and show you have personality :) plus make you feel amazing, I fully believe in the power of a good lipstick!

Stay clear of pale & pastels they will wash you out and age you if your skin is fair, if its darker it can turn ashy, they can also make your teeth look yellow. I love muted red, rose tones / berrys / browney pinks & darker nudes on older woman. I would also stay clear of anything frosty or too matte, they can also age you. Satin or semi matte are nice.

I also love the bolder lip and go lighter on the eye makeup, a light coat of brown eyeshadow can look amazing.

Have you though about going to a makeup counter? I would recommend going to an older sales assistant, as she should understand colour theory and know what works for you. Often the younger girls are there just to make a sale and sell you anything. Its hard buying on line and often its not the colour you though it would be.

Oh and dont forget a pop of blush to balance out the lip :)

lillol, Feb 8, 12:45pm
I don't know about that. My mum is 78 and she is stunning. She still wears bright lipstick. I have an Aunt who works for a famous overseas makeup brand and when I said I think I'm too old to wear red lipstick she told me off haha (I'm 57).

cleo444, Feb 9, 4:00pm
It depends on your skin tone and original hair colour what 'season' you are and that doesn't change when your hair goes grey. Do you have blue or yellow toned skin and what colour was your hair originally op?

Also does white suit you or is cream better?
Does black suit you or is navy better. and
does pink and mauve suit you or is olive and gold better?

shakirafan, Feb 9, 6:46pm
You’re never too old to wear red lipstick 💄

sarahb5, Feb 9, 11:19pm
No they don’t .

My hair is grey, I have blue eyes - my favourite is Mac liptensity claret cast

johnno48, Feb 14, 6:42pm
Elizabeth Arden Mango Cream 9. not too red or orange best I've found

dollydot, Feb 14, 8:47pm
Blondes can often do scarlet very well, I'm blonde but don't feel comfortable in scarlet lipstick although I love to wear red clothing. I have a friend who went grey early and chooses not to colour her hair. She has a funky short haircut. She totally rocks scarlet lipstick, suits her and her makeup really well, she has beautiful features so it works so well.

dollydot, Feb 14, 8:55pm
That colour sounds like one of my favourites too. Love pinky browns. Natio have a few that are lovely and well priced. I also am enjoying Natios nude colour lip colours too. I bought a nude one (Natio Flutter) for my Mum but as she is an older lady she actually felt it was too soft and needed more colour (but the right shade) which is often the case as our skin and hair changes with age. I love to see mature ladies who enjoy well done makeup, it can look great. No reason to be pale and pasty if we don't choose to :)

dollydot, Feb 14, 9:00pm
Great advice Holly. I've also started using an eye colour brush which gives a much better cover and blend. Those tiny foam ones that come with eye colour are not easy to use. Love my Revlon brushes and soft brown/beige eye colour which works with blue eyes. I'd like to try blue/greys too but don't want too much blue in case I look like I'm in Abba and the 70's are back!

sarahb5, Feb 14, 10:39pm
One thing I don’t like as I get older (well never did really) is frosted lipstick and my colouring (blue eyes and grey/white/blonde hair) mean that anything with a hint of orange or brown just does not suit me. I can’t wear brown eyeshadow either - makes me look like I’ve been crying - so I stick to grey or silver and lilac tones

norse_westie, Feb 15, 7:23am
Hellen Mirren might disagree.

xanthippe, Feb 15, 9:21pm
Rose colours work for me
But I find if you look for a colour similar but slightly deeper to the natural shade of your lips it will work.

karrie3, Feb 16, 7:49pm
I wear a range of lippie colours depending on my clothes. I have white blonde hair ( currently with hot pink streaks), light blue eyes and peachy- pink skin, and can wear peach/ oranges, pinks or light red. I'm 65 and wear whatever colour clothes I fancy. with the right makeup almost any colour suits ( I'm a summer ) . Very pale colours look washed out though, unless I've got a bit of tan, which isn't often
I only buy cheap lipsticks as don't have the funds for a $50 one! I like a creamy texture best as my lips are dryer than when I was younger

princess52, Feb 16, 9:28pm
I’m 57, have grey hair and pale skin with hazel eyes. Red suits me so I wear it! I have bright red glasses that I get heaps of compliments about! I also wear red lipsticks in various shades. A blue based red and an orange based red work really well for me

sarahb5, Feb 24, 9:22pm
Interesting that you can wear blue or orange based reds - orange based reds (or any other lippy colours) make me look old and my skin looks dull - I can wear any colour lippy so long as it has a blue base

kinna54, Mar 1, 3:14pm
Well I am blue eyed blonde/grey iin my 60's and have very fair skin. and I wear reds. I look horrible in pinks. However I don't wear scarlets, more the deeper red shades or a "Blue" red, crimson.

When I was on TV (briefly) and got made up by the professional crew they put me in those shades too

lillol, Mar 1, 3:27pm
When I was on TV (briefly) and got made up by the professional crew they put me in those shades too


kinna54 (385 385 positive feedback) 3:14 pm, Thu 1 Mar

Oh kinna54 you're famous haha - do tell?

kinna54, Mar 1, 3:36pm
Lol. I was on Family Feud. an awesome experience. The makeup ladies were absolutely fantastic. some of them also worked on the batchelor show. an amazing transformation I tell you lol

holly-rocks, Mar 1, 5:46pm
Sounds like princess52 has neutral undertones so she can wear both cool and warm colours :)

sarahb5, Mar 1, 8:19pm
I would love to find a really good “blue” crimson

nzhel, Apr 2, 12:10am
I've found some great tips and ideas lately by watching make up 'tutorials' for mature ladies on You Tube. I've always been interested in make up and hair but without realising it, had got quite out of touch with the latest ideas, methods and the vast new products available.
I've had fun lately buying a range of application brushes (most available from '$2' shops so don't cost a lot) and updating eyeshadows, as well as a face primer - great to keep foundation on, and trying various eyebrow pencils etc for my now sparse eyebrows. What a difference it all seems to make - without looking like I have a face 'plastered' in heavy makeup.
The tutorials - of which there are hundreds and most very well demonstrated,
are really worth a look.

colliers, Apr 5, 5:38pm
Wow what a lot of helpful people. Thanks. Just one thing - I am often told I dont even look 67 let alone 77 and a specialist was convinced my 60 yr old friend was his patient. Embarassing! All in the genes!

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