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kaz90, May 11, 5:47pm
Has anyone on here ever had a blocked ear due to fluid behind the eardrum? If so please do you have any tips for getting rid of it and how long is it likely to last, - it's driving me crazy!

nbrob, May 12, 10:05pm
Doctor visit.

ferrit47, May 13, 11:05am
Yes I have. Go to your Chemist & buy a bottle Waxhol & put in your ears for 2 days to soften it. Then ring your Doctors Surgery & book appointment to get your ears Rinsed out. It dosent hurt. I have it done reguarly.

kacy5, May 13, 12:38pm
Don't get your ears rinsed/flushed out as suction is far better and painless but yours doesn't seem to be a wax problem. Before you do anything go to the Dr and find out what your exact problem is, don't try to guess it and do more or even permanent damage.

figgy_kitty, May 13, 1:50pm
I've got that at the moment, but yes- get it properly diagnosed by your GP before doing anything about it so you know what you're dealing with. I was told the fluid would clear up on it's on but not given any time frame :( Driving me nuts and always having to remember not to bob up and down and turn my head to the side too quickly.

princess52, May 13, 3:06pm
It’s common after a runny nose. Use inhalations before bed. A bowl of hot water and a bit of Vicks in it, towel over your head and bowl. You can get nose sprays which help too. It will usually clear up on its own though. It’s very annoying because you can’t hear properly, especially if there’s lots of background noise!

princess52, May 13, 3:08pm
Oh and, make sure you blow your nose. Don’t sniff. Sniffing acts like a vacuum cleaner and drags the fluid from your nose into your Eustachian tubes behind your ear drum

kaz90, May 14, 4:13pm
It's not wax had my ears checked in April. This comes after a sore throat.

kaz90, May 15, 5:50pm
Well that's three of us that I know of with it at the moment, - I have been told that it will be 6 weeks minimum

kaz90, May 15, 5:51pm

kaz90, May 15, 5:53pm
Thanks but the problem is not wax, had my ears checked in April, - she said my ears produce very little wax, - this comes after a sore throat so presume I have fluid.

kaz90, May 15, 6:00pm
Fluid, not wax.

kaz90, May 15, 6:00pm
You are so right!

kaz90, May 15, 6:46pm
It's not wax, it's fluid - nothing to soften.

289capri, May 15, 8:05pm
After having bronchitis for mths I was left with very dull hearing and a sensation of liquid sloshing around in my head. I ended up with a grommet in that ear and boy oh boy did a lot of fluid come out. My hearing improved very quickly and I still have the grommet years later.I was told it was an infection due to the bronchitis.
Sounds like you may have a similar problem so a DR visit sounds a good idea.

dennyr, May 16, 3:49pm
Dont sit round waiting for it to fix itself. Go and get it surringed at a Hearing Centre. cost about $40. Some doctors dont do it now,

kacy5, May 16, 6:26pm
OP's problem isn't wax if you read the thread and needs further medical investigation otherwise permanent damage could be done to the ear drum.

madj, May 17, 8:28pm
The best way to try and clear the fluid is to blow your nose several times a day. As well, perform the valsalva maneuvre, pinch your nostrils and blow, this simply put, opens the tube between the ear and nose (eustachian tube) and lets air into the middle ear and assists draining and absorption. It is a little more technical but it pretty much sums it up. Yawning and swallowing has a similar effect. It is not a quick solution but it does help.

seafield1, May 17, 9:28pm
I had this for a few weeks after ear surgery. I got ear drops from the doctor for a few days and also used a Fisherman's Friend type lozenge or a Kurol, to suck on and that did help give some relief

kaz90, May 18, 3:19pm
Am unable to have my ears syringed, have other issues (scarring due to previous operations etc) syringing will not remove fluid from behind the eardrum.

kaz90, Jun 5, 5:56pm
Well doctors proved to be useless in this case, - my friend who works in a Pharmacy put me on to Homeopathic ear drops (Welleda) - never been a fan of Homeopathic before but have definately changed my mind now. BIG IMPROVEMENT!

kacy5, Jun 5, 6:08pm
That's good news and an easy fix by the sound of it. Hope it is a permanent fix for you.

yapper, Jun 6, 10:55am
Homeopathy is great!

bryalea, Jun 6, 2:18pm
That is likely good avise. The eustachian tube will be swollen and blocked. Sucking may unblock, and time should help the swelling reduce.

eljayv, Jun 6, 4:35pm
Oh yes! my pharmacist told me swallowing assists in clearing the Eustachian tube

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