Chronic Sinusitis

mrscat, Jan 11, 9:45am
Anyone gone through this. How did you manage the illness and any thoughts on what is best to do to help recovery?

scruff71, Jan 11, 11:19am
First off, you should talk to your GP before embarking on a recovery programme.
Remove all dairy products from your diet. They can be slowly reintroduced as you recover.
Could your home or work environment be aggravating your sinuses - heat pumps, air-conditioning, etc.?
Drink plenty of water.
Eat more fruit and vegetables.
Google "Nasal Massage" for ways to relieve the sinus pressure.
Have you flown recently? Well-established causal factor for me.
All the best.

ralta, Jan 11, 11:41am
I have had sinus issues since late childhood. In the last couple of years my problems have decreased greatly by reducing or eliminating certain foods from my diet. I went on an elimination (fodmap) diet because of digestive issues and when reintroducing foods realised that dairy and possibly wheat caused excess mucous and if I consume more than traces of dairy that post-nasal drip returns with a vengeance.

gatti07, Jan 11, 12:19pm
Totally agree with these two posts. I had chronic sinus problems for years with multiple infections every year. First thing I did was cut out my daily yoghurt fix and taking a good look at diet, that's when things started to really improve for me. Drinking lots of water, keeping yourself hydrated helps as well. I take a daily supplement called Vitafit Sinus Nutrient which helps with allergies and keeps sinuses healthy. I haven't had an infection since making these changes.

kinna54, Jan 6, 5:10pm
I suffer from sinusitis. Lots of different parts to the complaint. and different stages. I find when I first get that dry tight feeling in the nose and the pain behind the eyes I need to act quickly and I hit the Neilmed sinus rinse. just helps to lubricate and ease things.
For the chronic headache cold compresses work best over the nasal area and forehead. keep applying throughout the day and keep it cold. this shrinks the sinus inflammation area.
I use Livistin eye drops, Otrivin nasal spray when really blocked. (be sure to follow the directions to the letter and when using sprays use in the correct way: to the side of the nostril) and in between times I take Razene and use Flixonnaise spray daily. (this has made a huge difference) Also I use Vicks steam inhalations at times.
Lots of water. Also Hormones affect, I always found days before a period I would get sinus and the accompanying headaches.

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