Diabetes and PCOS

izusa9, Apr 1, 5:22pm
Does anyone suffer from both, I have had to cut out ALL fruit, root vegetables, sugar, white flour and Carbs under 40 a day.
A small apple put me to sleep for 1.5 hours, a wedge of buttercup I was asleep for 2.5 hours.
Dr's cant find a reason and my safe food list is shrinking daily.
Does anyone else have this reaction to sugar and carbs.
My levels are normal with cutting out all the bad food and taking Bitter Melon capsules

lakeview3, Apr 1, 6:59pm
Hoping for some answers for you! Can exercise help too? Also watch fat and salt intake because it can affect the way insulin goes into your cells. You might be producing insulin but it can’t get into the cells because they can get blocked by fat.

As an aside I thought carrots and beetroot should be ok to eat?

Good luck anyway.

lythande1, Apr 1, 7:02pm
I don't believe in eliminating foods like that.
Diabetes, well perhaps Lantus is a better idea.

The endocrine system is interconnected, I know that, perhaps seeing an endrocrinologist might help with the specifics.

Husband had some weird bloods one time, well, got told about them. They said he had to stop eating (insert huge list, most of the stuff we grow). I looked into why, and found it was one of his medications. bugger the stop eating, we got the doc to chnage the pill.

He started to protest. but. but. he's been on it ages. until he looked and realised the lot of them had ignore the results for ages. until the one locum had noticed.

Change of pill and all is well now, bloods normal and still eating.

Now your case could be the meds, or the condition itself but somehow I think it's a combination.

Ask gp to refer you and ask about the treating symptoms vs cause with them.

lakeview3, Apr 1, 7:44pm
i have been thinking again and I think you need to see a specialist endocrinologist because both conditions are linked. Maybe taking lantus will help you amongst other things, at least it will take the pressure off the pancreas a while until you can get on top of some of the other things associated with the PCOS.

ingies, Apr 2, 12:20am
Look at dietdoctor . Com and see what is recommended for PCOS

izusa9, Apr 4, 5:26am
lakeview I only take metformin and glyclazide, I'm trying to avoid going on Insulin.
I work in aged care and see the results of diaberes and to be honest it scares the crap outta me, the Dr said it's just how my body is and there's nothing they can do it's all trial and error with food, I gave up eating meat as well and so far my levels are good as long as I don't eat anything on the naughty list

jesus2000, Apr 4, 3:10pm
Why did you give up eating meat?

izusa9, Dec 2, 5:44am
This was my own personal choice, just struggled with eating animals

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