Napier Doctors

lythande1, Jun 18, 8:50pm
Who is a good doc in napier, pref female?
NOT a pill doctor.

lythande1, Jun 19, 5:46pm

edzmax, Jun 19, 5:49pm
Do you mean, to register with?

lythande1, Jun 20, 8:39am
Yes. Don't care what they charge, just a good doc. Listens, doesn't jump to conclusions, doesn't just accept what a previous doc may have said, does own tests, doesn't just reach for a prescription form. So hard to find one like that.

edzmax, Nov 3, 6:51pm
If you're moving to the area, call Carlyle Medical - if you're moving from out of the area, it seems to be easier to register with a doctor here. Locals it's harder to, we were with The Doctors in Greenmeadows for years and they were exactly how you described. Carlyle Medical are good. But then also there are local doctors in suburbs that you may need to consider, what area are you moving to?

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