Makeup sponges

kclu, Dec 28, 4:55pm
Anyone able to give advice on the purchase and use of these. They seem to be available in a large range of shapes and prices.

sue193, Dec 28, 5:14pm
The best makeup sponge I ever owned was a natural sponge. I remember it was quite expensive. I had it for a while until my cat ran off with it and that was that. I've looked for another one but haven't been able to find one the same.
I really like the brushes that come with the new Thin lizzy foundation. The sponge is ok as well.

shakirafan, Dec 29, 11:37am

datoofairy, Dec 29, 2:02pm

brightlights60, Jan 10, 7:02pm
Whatever you get, make sure you regularly clean it.

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