Kidney biopsy

sally63, Jan 1, 11:11am
Oonce you see a specilist here, you have to wait for your follow up. The nurse was helpful though

sally63, Jan 1, 11:12am
Thank you. Is your daughter ok? I thik with nephrotic syndrome can go away by itself. Not so with adults as I understand. It is what Jonah Lomu had

carter19, Jan 1, 11:46am
Friend had this and he was made to lie still and not move for several hours before he was allowed to leave. Its very painful.

sally63, Jan 1, 12:07pm
Oh:, Not sure I like the painful bit. although pain is relative I guess. How is your friend now?

devonwrecked, Jan 1, 12:12pm
I had one done. I was only kept in for the day but went in early in the day and had to lie flat on my back for about 6 hours straight afterwards. Minimal discomfort, more a feeling of pressure than anything else and you need something to amuse yourself while you're lying flat out, like headphones and a talking book.

carter19, Jan 1, 3:49pm
Kidneys ok now, took about a year to come right tho.

sally63, Jan 1, 6:22pm
All good news.Thanks Can I ask how your kidneys came right? That sounds amazing (and encouraging):)

devonwrecked, Jan 1, 6:58pm
I didn't have the same condition as you. But I have found the NZ health system very much better than Australia's and the specialists knowledgable and supportive. Hope you can use a bedpan - when they say lie flat on your back they mean it :)

sally63, Jan 1, 7:52pm
Good to hear. Eeek about the bedpan! BTW I am devonwrecked too- love them!

devonwrecked, Jan 1, 8:31pm
Mine came from Wisecracks in Tauranga, where did you get yours? They are very good nurses when they find a captive body to sprawl on.

sally63, Jan 1, 10:15pm
Sorry mine is a CR not DR but so lovely:) I don't know what I was thinking! Any way a rex and a great nurse too

taggie, Jan 2, 5:26pm
I've had a couple now for nephrotic syndrome. I didn't have to stay overnight - I just had to lie flat on my back for a few hours, drink alot of water and was discharged that night with no recheck the next day. The local was the most painful part for me - other than that no discomfort or pain. Talk to your medical team both the nurses and the doctors - don't be afraid to ask any questions and tell them if you are feeling extra nervous or worried - they are use to it but can only help if you let them. You're going to do fine! :)

sally63, Jan 2, 7:40pm
Thanks and I hope you are ok. A little sedation would be nice! I might ask for it.

rosess, Jan 2, 7:53pm
I have had one. Sedation offered (and I took it via IV) + local anaesthetic, had to lie down for the entire afternoon, no issues or pain aside from a little soreness at the site, quite minor. The worst part was worrying about the procedure beforehand. All the best.

sally63, Jan 2, 9:02pm
More good news:) Thank you!

tinytoes100, Jan 3, 6:59pm
My daughters biopsy was inconclusive they actually didnt get enough sample. I was angry my daughter became steriod depenedent and ended up having 10 weeks of chemotherapy. that was 4 years ago now and she hasnt relapsed since. Shes now a 13 year old teen . ahhhhh help me.

sally63, Jan 3, 7:53pm
I am so sorry:( I totally understand your anger and am glad she is ok

sally63, Jan 13, 11:11am
Well after all that worry, I turned up at the hospital all ready for a night's stay, had the IV line placed and waited. After 2 and a half hours I was informed it would not be done as 'Friday is not a good day to book it as the labs are closed on Saturdays and it would not be a viable specimen by Monday.' Now my confidence is truly shaken! Why on earth would they book me in for Friday? Think I may see if I can go to Waikato and have it done as Taranaki Base is notoriously bad with so many medical errors. Devonwrecked, did you go to Waikato Hospital?

toadhall17, Jan 13, 12:14pm
Hi Sally, my husband just had one done last month. No pain at all, had to lie flat on back for 4 hours as this is to be safe in case of bleeding which can occasionally happen in some cases. The Renal unit he was under were just amazing group of caring people. Good luck.

sally63, Dec 30, 9:14am
Has anyone had this and why do you have to stay in hospital for the night after it? I have nephrotic syndrome and am a bit worried about it

axelvonduisberg, Dec 30, 4:39pm
I am assuming that one would not be feeling like going home straight after the proceedure as it will obviously be invasive.

sally63, Dec 30, 10:11pm
I think they are worried about bleeding. I would love to talk with somebody who has had it.Thanks for the comment

axelvonduisberg, Dec 31, 2:37pm
Best of luck with the proceedure, can you not discuss your concerns with your Specialist?

tinytoes100, Feb 22, 7:52am
My daughter had one she too had nephrotic syndrome. trying to think back she didnt stay the night but we stayed near by at Ronald Mcdonald House for the night and checked back in the next day

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