irishnz1, Jun 16, 12:13pm
who uses this and does it help them. and are you paying for it thanks

holly-rocks, Jun 16, 1:42pm
I've been using it since the end of Feb and its the first time (in my life) i have ever logged what i eat. I have lost 20kgs in that time and myfitnesspal has really helped with that as it holds me accountable for what i eat.

I dont pay for it either. Highly recommend :)

pico42, Jun 16, 2:29pm
I use it sometimes to remind myself what a normal amount of daily food is. I don’t pay for it - just the basic package. A very very good tool to use.

irishnz1, Jun 16, 3:59pm
I cant seem to log my food into it keeps telling me to upgrade. Which I would have to pay for

norse_westie, Jun 16, 4:21pm
I didnt realise the values were input by members so they can be quite inaccurate. I used it for a while then upgraded. DIdnt really find anything worth paying for so after 3 months I tried to stop my subscipriton. It took nearly a YEAR to make them stop taking my money. Do not under any circumstances upgrade!

irishnz1, Jun 16, 4:35pm
wow thanks norse_westie

blueprints, Jun 16, 8:26pm
I used it for a long time and lost 15 kilos. Never paid for it. Still use it on and off to keep and eye on my calorie intake.

pico42, Jun 17, 10:29am
Yeah, the food values of some things are problematic. But the barcode scanner is great.

Some of the copy they put into their feed is nonsense too.

holly-rocks, Jun 17, 2:08pm
Wow thats super shady about taking your money! Did your contact your bank?
Thanks for letting us know.

archer72, Nov 4, 6:52pm
I use it and just ignore the suggestion to upgrade, and pay, I find it fairly accurate and will scan items where I can.

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