Brow Pencils

ruie, Jan 3, 10:14am
Thanks deecee2 . just bought a Jordana brow pencil ($7.50) & it works every bit as well, if not better than my Moisture Mist one at $23. Added bonus is it has a brush which, as you say, blends so well.

sweetfanny, Jan 5, 11:11pm
Younique do a nice soft wind up pencil that I love. They also have a Brow compact, with diffrent colour powders and a setting wax, Im still trying to get the hang of that one.

parryduck, Jan 12, 5:43pm
Was just yesterday considering tattoing my sparse, grey eyebrows, when somehow I stumbled across Maybeline 'Tatto Gel' - 3 day fab eyebrows. I'm a convert - I'm as blind as a bat, this stuff is easy to apply, it comes off easily and for me at least, lasts about 6 days - so for 6 days I have fab eyebrows with no embarrassing thick bits, blobs and wobbles. I don't know why it feels so much more convenient than dying them, but it is. I paid $22 at the Warehouse - I think it will last ages

cleggy, Jan 17, 4:32pm
I only use Nutri metics just love there eye brow pencils and kits.

nzhel, Nov 25, 1:34am
Any suggestions for a really good eyebrow pencil? My favorite one by Almay seems to have disappeared - it looks like the entire brand may have gone.
I need a decent brow pencil to touch up the outer ends of my eyebrows which seem to be diminishing over the years. I've tried lots of other brands of pencils, the mascara type brow brushes and even a couple of eyebrow powders but none are as good as I've found the Almay one was. I have looked to buy online but some of the prices are hugely expensive and thats before adding shipping on top!

petal1955, Nov 25, 4:05am
I still use an eyebrow pencil and Like the Rimmel brand not that expensive and thee colours are nice .not too harsh

seashore, Nov 26, 9:04am
I too find it very hard to find a good and affordable eye brow pencil. Over the years I,'ve tried various products, some like Elizabeth Arden eyebrow make up which came in a wee container with a brush, worked reasonably well. But it's a real and ongoing battle. The main issue is finding something that will last a full day. most of them don't. I think having your eyebrows tattooed is the best solution but it's not available where I live.

nzhel, Nov 26, 10:01am
Thanks seashore - glad I'm not the only one!
Most are too dark or too light in colour, they go on unevenly leaving light and dark patches and little clumps (for want of a better description) of the pencil colour. I use the brush that usually comes with eyebrow pencils to even the colour out, and that usually removes parts of the line so you need to start over.
The Almay pencil didn't seem to have all these problems.
Looks like I will just have to work my way thru even more pencils to try and get a decent one.
I have vaguely thought about tattooing but would want recommendations and also to see the work that someone had had done first!

retired, Nov 26, 10:21am
Hi, always used Estee Lauder but then discovered NYX Pencil at a fraction of the price. Have been using for years and never had a problem with it.

nzhel, Nov 26, 2:32pm
Thanks for that retired - I'll check that out!

jase.and.jules, Nov 26, 10:21pm
Benefit do a big range. If you go to the store they have testers.

oldbnz, Nov 29, 8:37pm
Sheseido is brand I like

midnightgirl, Nov 29, 8:58pm
I use the Ben Nye ones, fabulous professional quality and long lasting. They are available in NZ from TheatreShop online store.

holly-rocks, Nov 30, 10:53am
Anastasia beverly hills has a huge cult following but they are expensive and the product doesn't last that long. I prefer their brow pomade (dip brow) personally.

nzhel, Nov 30, 1:07pm
Thanks everyone. I bought an expensive Clarins the other day after it was demonstrated how 'good' it was and I am finding it useless. It is hard to put on as the 'lead' doesn't seem overly soft so doesn't draw at all easily. Very disappointed with it for the cost.

stekar, Nov 30, 2:43pm
try Maybellinebrow drama pomade crayon from farmers, if not trade me

firemansgirl, Nov 30, 6:18pm
I have really fair eyebrows which I get tinted about every 6 weeks and I add to, or fill in with an Avon glimmerstick brow pencil. They are $19.95 from Avon but you can buy them on here for as low as $7.90.

treens2, Nov 30, 7:41pm
Daughter put me on to a product its like mascara for eye lashes, her daughter does make up for weddings. I purchased some from warehouse about 10 dollars its called easy breezy brow shape and define

lankylass, Nov 30, 8:33pm
The company that makes the easy breezy has several different products that may suit OP

grizzvk, Dec 9, 11:22am
What ever products you use for your brows keep them in place all day with a clear gel sealer . i use rimmel from the warehouse just brilliant. it has a mascara like wand to keep hairs in place but i use soft make up brush and paint it on over the pencilled areas as well. there are many sealers but i find this one affordable and always in stock :)

deecee2, Dec 9, 7:50pm
I use a Jordana liner pencil from the $2 shop. It's very soft and blends well when I brush over it.

just2kids, Dec 17, 7:31am
Amway have nice brow pencils

sarahb5, Feb 21, 3:13am
Almay is available online with Amazon

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