Asthma sufferers, What medication?

seashore, Jan 1, 9:16pm
Calling people who suffer severe asthma, maybe kick started this time of year by hay fever, changes in temperature. He,s been in and had A and E type treatment at hospital but 24 hours later, problems returning so bad he has trouble walking.
A Puffer isnt being very effective at all.
In the past he has had two types of tablets which helped. He got this in his late teens through to 30,s then a break until now, when he,s in his mid 60,s.
Years ago he was prescribed Amesdec, but it was removed nationally as it could be abused. The other tablets which helped were Volmax, but these are
also not readily available any more. The young American doctor at the hospital yesterday had never heard of it, the English nurse, had.
He,s going to try and find a doctor tomorrow but is only visiting and with the public holidays in effect, this could be a problem.
He,s had xrays and is awaiting for a specialist appointment. He was told he,d be seen within 3 months.
Does anyone suffer from severe asthma? What meds do they have? What can be done for it when its severe, breathing very distressed, wind in the stomach? Is there any medication that you,ve found to be effective?
Is anyone using Volmax?
Any feedback would be appreciated.

freebutterflies, Jan 2, 1:25am
Volmax is albuterol sulphate. He can get that on prescription as an inhaler

fogs, Jan 2, 1:49am
seratide long acting inhaler and Salbutamol inhaler ofcourse oral prednisone

seashore, Jan 2, 10:52am
The inhaler is not being very effective. was prescribed a few days prednisone at his hospital visit. Seems to need his medication in tablet form to be effective. This has been the case in the past. He,s chasing a doctor,s visit.
Waiting to see if theres an underlying lung issue. Has never smoked.
Struggling for breath, temperature on forehead area, weak, affects stomach, burps. But it takes an awlful lot to get him to go to a doctor and Id say he was quite unwell.

shelleigh, Jan 2, 11:58am
Seashore what inhaler is this person using?
Since using a Symbicort inhaler (preventor), I very rarely need to use a reliever inhaler. Prior to getting Symbicort, I used Ventolin about two or three times a week.

uniracer, Jan 2, 2:17pm
Symbicort contains a long acting beta agonist and an inhaled steroid. Ventolin (salbumatmol) is a short acting beta agonist, and works as a reliever by relaxing the muscle around the airways to dilate them during an asthma attack. The inhaled steroid works as the preventer by reducing exacerbations.

The beta agonist used in Symbicort (Eformoterol), as well as being longer acting than ventolin, also has a fast onset of action, so can be used as a reliever. It is marketed as the Symbicort Smart regime. My wife who is a non-compliant asthmatic swears by it :)

seashore, Jan 6, 5:16pm
Thank you so much for your replies.
He went to an A and E and had the standard treatment using oxygen to deliver the decongestant. And they gave him a few prednisone tablets. He had a few hours of less harsh symptoms but certainly still remains breathless etc.
He found 4 or 5 old Volmax tablets, they had to have been at least 20 years old and took those, which helped considerably.
He also spoke with a helpful local chemist, who confirmed that Volmax
Tablets were removed because they delivered medication to the whole of the
Body, not just the lungs. My person,s asthma is so severe and affects the whole of his body so that he,s happy to ingest any mefication. It couldnt be any more potentially negative that prednisone, could it? Its side effects are legendary.
I am not sure what puffer he uses, grey ones, but will enquire.
He obviously needs reassessment for his asthma medication. He,s had to rest all holidays. Walking, driving etc difficult. I am hoping he can communicate with his doctor and specialist adequately because he finds it hard to talk about his health.

hakatere1, Jan 7, 3:42am
Maybe you should go with him (to the Dr, I mean). I'm on oxygen 16 hours per day, 2 puffs of Respigen whenever needed, 2 puffs of Seratide morning, 2 puffs evening. 2 puffs Spiriva-Respimat in morning. A puff of Midazolan up each nostril as needed. Every 3 months or so, I take a pink Prednisone morning and one in evening for 5 days and i once a day for 5 days, plus a short course of Augmentin. I have cheated death many times. I have had Asthma all my life. It's a family thing. The panic that accompanies an attack is horrible, especially for children. The worst people to be around are smokers and people that crank up coal fires. Having said that, I realise the world doesn't revolve around me.

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