Is Microsuction safe?

billyfieldman, Apr 6, 10:27am
Anyone tried this before to remove ear wax?

My ears are blocked and the doctor at the clinic I went to did the water method but could not get anything out and had suggested that I try microsuction. They don't do microsuction at the clinic so I'm looking for a clinic that does.

From what I have read, it involves inserting a steel tube to suck out the wax. Do they use some sort of head restraint to prevent the head from moving during the procedure?

Has anybody used the ear clinic on the north shore before?

morticia, Apr 6, 10:51am
My kids (now adults) had their ears "vacuumed" many times between them by an ear nurse specialist at the clinic here with nothing but good results. Not sure why your head would move, all you have to do is stay still for a few minutes.

lyndunc, Apr 6, 10:58am
I have had it done, didn't much like it, but seemed to work ok. And yes, you just keep your head still and they do all the work. Other people that had it done that I know, say it's marvellous, guess I have very sensitive ears! I'm in the South Island so can't help with recommendations, but where I went was called H of H and think they may be nationwide (if u can understand my abbreviation).

pipdg, Apr 6, 5:40pm
Microsuction is way safer than flushing ears out with water, and is the preferred approach to cleaning them.

pipdg, Apr 6, 5:41pm
Most audiology clinics advertise the service.

kacy5, Apr 8, 12:11pm
Painless for me and much better than the syringe method. That was awful.

lyndad59, Apr 8, 12:15pm
I have it every year ,much safer than the water method .I find it tickles the inside of my ear .I love having it done Lol & hearing the wax go up the tube

gilligee, Apr 8, 7:29pm
I didn't know that anyone still did the water flushing?

billyfieldman, Dec 2, 12:52am
Thanks. Have got the microsuction done. Surprised how quick it was and painless.

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