NAFLD.Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease

robin23, Apr 5, 8:43am
This showed up on an abdominal scan I had a few years back. I'd never heard of it before but now know its due to a poor diet and sometimes can be hereditary. I now try to watch what I eat and leave out the cake and biccies. Anyone else have this?

spyware, Apr 5, 10:29am
Netflix have an autopsy episode that shows effect of fat on abdominal organs, e.g., liver, kidney.

robin23, Apr 5, 12:11pm
Yes have seen it and it put the breeze up me. That woman was the same age that I am now. One good thing, the liver can improve with a diet change.

hoarder85, Apr 5, 2:43pm
A young friend of mine (25 at the time) had a fatty liver. They never really knew what caused it but she did lose a bit of weight and cut down her alcohol and the issue resolved itself. Genetics must play a part though because a youthful liver can withstand a lot!

Diet and exercise are definitely the way to go. Cutting sugar, and possibly going low carb/keto will also do wonders. Our poor livers are having to deal with so many sugary foods these days :(

ralta, Apr 5, 3:11pm
It's quite common and can be picked up in blood tests too (fatty liver).

lythande1, Dec 5, 7:01pm
It goes along with type 2 diabetes. caused by too much sugar and carbs.

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