Bambillo Mattress Toppa

denise41, Jun 12, 12:11pm
Hello Team. we are considering buying a Bambillo Mattress Toppa for our bed. I would like to have some feedback please from people who have one of these. positive or negative. Thankyou.

lythande1, Jun 12, 3:42pm
It's nothing but a foam pad covered in a bamboo cotton.
Do you need a pad? My dad used one, I slept in his bed one time (after he died), and it was awful. Squashy and terrible. I prefer a firm mattress, we removed the pad and it was far, far better.

denise41, Jun 12, 9:09pm
Thanks soooo much for your input lythande1. pay for one get one free. just over $600.00 plus postage and handling. thought this was a bit over the top. xx

bebe24, Jun 12, 10:25pm
Bet it was As seen on TV. You can buy them much cheaper and are a similar item.

mike16, Jun 13, 9:05am
My friend has one and took it off after a while saying it was very hot and uncomfortable to sleep on.
You might get a free one . but you will still pay $600 !

jan2242, Jun 13, 9:08am
Bought on on here which has the bamboo cover. No idea what is so special about the bamboo though. It was $130 I think? I find it too soft though so wish I hadn't bought it. Waste of money buying those on tv sales - all just a gimmick.

denise41, Jun 13, 9:53am
Thanks everyone for your input. not for this chicken. will have to look around for something that is more suitable. any ideas please ?

buzzy110, Jun 13, 10:17am
I wait till there is a 30 - 40% sale on at Briscoes and buy their memory foam mattresses. I love them. I don't have one on my bed because it is an amazing bed but the bed at the beach and in our campervan absolutely need something to make them comfortable and these are great.

Before memory foam mattresses I used to buy a foam mattress from The Storage Box. They are just flat foam on one side and corrugated on the other. I loved those as well. Their life span is only a couple of years at a push before you have to throw them away but they are as cheap as chips as they start to very, very slowly, 'break down'. I always used them 'corrugated side up'. They were very comfortable.

oh_hunnihunni, Jun 13, 10:29am
Even the deepest memory foam underlays on here are way cheaper than that - with shipping!

jayemtoo, Jun 13, 2:09pm
They double the price so you can get one "free" - wonder if they would sell you one for $300 and forgo giving you the free one!

carter19, Jun 13, 3:41pm
I love my memory foam topper. Its very firm, almost hard, and has a cool side and a hot side. Was fine in summer. Mum had egg shell foam rubber toppers on her beds and they were hot and very uncomfortable. Should add that the one on the king single bed weighs 30kg. Not sure how much the superking weighs

denise41, Jun 14, 3:08pm
Hello jayemtoo. hahahaha. I tried that. so they offered me an Air Fryer. have got one of those and they range from $29.00 upwards. so no go there.
Thanks for everyones thoughts on this xxx

brightlights60, Jun 16, 10:08pm
I bought a memory foam one on here (not Bamboo topper) and paid around $120. The fixed bed in the caravan is excruciatingly uncomfortable on our backs and not its absolute bliss.
As Seen On TV is only a method of selling things, usually at 2,3, or 4 times the price you would find similar elsewhere. Don't fall for the advertising trick.

eljayv, Jun 20, 7:06pm
Buzzy I see the Hilton memory foam toppers at Briscoes price at $600 to $800 depending on size and never included in sale discounts. Are these the ones you mentioned?

rovertniloc, Jun 21, 10:29am
carter19. can you tell me the brand of that hot/cold mattress please?

ruby2014, Jun 21, 3:20pm
I just bought a mattress topper on line from Briscos for $125. It cost me $5 freight to get it, and it arrived two days later.
We love it.
Don't fall for those inflated prices on TV adds.

uswoman, Nov 3, 6:54am
Bought my memoryfoam topper from Slumbertop about 5 years ago. Wouldn’t trade it for the world - so comfortable! 9

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