angela.k.sloan, Jun 17, 12:33pm
When your dealing with other peoples stuff. Yes i know how to look after myself and say no. Still rocks the boat.Keeping my head above water.

frances1266, Jun 17, 4:06pm
I'm throwing you a life jacket! Keep on keeping on.

buzzy110, Jun 17, 4:22pm
Sounds like you are carrying a heavy weight on your shoulders at present OP.

neon2k, Jun 17, 4:33pm
I was told, in time, all things pass.
This is true. It may feel like deep water but one day there will be no water - and then you will wonder where it all went.
Keep your head up.

femster, Jun 18, 1:16am
I read this on a the back of a truck last week:
However good or bad a situation is, it will change.

angela.k.sloan, Jun 18, 8:39am
Thankyou appreciate your kind words. and TOMMORROWS ANOTHER DAY.

angela.k.sloan, Jun 18, 8:41am
Was doing fine then everthing got on top of me . Can i run away lol

angela.k.sloan, Nov 4, 6:15am
Somedays you cannot see the trees for the clouds

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