Aspergers in Adults and work

spunkeymonkey, Jun 18, 8:35am
not sure where to begin. How do you know if someone has Asperger's. Do they have to have every single strait of Asperger's. Can Asperger's in adult affect having a full time employment. Is it too late to be diagnosed with Asperger's at 50. Tia

venna2, Jun 18, 9:04am
I have a feeling that the term isn't used much these days, it's all just the autism spectrum, on which some or most of us are, at least to some degree.

It's a spectrum in that different people have more or fewer of the traits and these are shown in different ways. There's an online quiz which is apparently reasonably valid, and when my daughter and I both took it, we found we were quite high on this spectrum. I can certainly see some of the characteristics in myself but it hasn't stopped me, or my daughter, leading an active and reasonably social life. My son-in-law also did the quiz and proved 'normal'. He considers himself an introvert so obviously introversion is not the same as being on the autism spectrum.

But there seems to be a lot of nonsense talked these days about the whole thing, and children 'diagnosed' who perhaps should have been left alone to get on with their lives. I'm sure others will have plenty to say.

venna2, Jun 18, 9:53am
Your query prompted me to google, by the way, and I found this, which you may find of interest. I can certainly relate to it.

Re employment, maybe the solution is to find the job most suited to such a person. Superior pattern recognition, for instance - maybe a mathematician or draughtsman? If there's a problem relating to crowds or noisy environments, find work which avoids this .

lythande1, Jun 18, 12:27pm
Well friend of mine thinks her partner has it. Now 41. She was bought up by her dad, from young. Dad capable. Partner not/. He can't shop, can't find it, buys wrong thing, stuff like that. Sent to do a DIY around house, takes ages, makes it more involved than needs to be, that sort of stuff.


My husband is like that, in fact every man I have ever met.
Sometimes I think labels are applied too readily.

ralta, Jun 18, 4:36pm
Meh! My daughter and I are convinced hubby has arseburgers but so what - he's still functional, has a good job, volunteers in the community etc. Even if a label fits it doesn't have to mean you can't work and function well (depends on the severity of the condition though I suppose).

buzzy110, Jun 18, 5:56pm
Would a diagnosis make a difference to anything do you think? Do you think the person will change because of a diagnosis? Will the person be treated any differently? And will the changes be for the better?

inatiz, Jun 20, 11:49am
I don't know enough about aspergers to know if a diagnosis would make much difference, however if family and the person concerned did know they have aspergers it may reassuring and help them to understand why they act in a certain way. The programme 'I Am' on TV last night was about a young man with Aspergers and was very interesting.

sunnysue1, Jun 20, 2:27pm
Extremely well done program.and for that young man it was life changing when he had a diagnosis.

venna2, Jun 20, 4:35pm

alston, Jun 20, 5:09pm
It’s the relief factor, to know why you are ‘different ‘ to others, especially if it’s late in life.

spyware, Jun 20, 9:07pm
I've had anxiety all my life and score 35/40 on an Aspergers scale. I certainly feel no relief. What crap. You're only 'different' because of an artificial classification based on level of social dysfunction compared with a neurotypical. There is no 'why'. DSMs never talk about why, only some shallow observation of behaviour on which they base classification. May as well consult a monkey at Auckland Zoo.

princess52, Jun 20, 10:20pm
I don’t think they know *why* yet spyware.

I know of at least 3 people who are probably on the spectrum. One has a good job, following his uni degree. He’s never been diagnosed but I reckon he’s got almost all the features. We have all just learned to work with it.

I do agree with the question “will it make a difference to be diagnosed?”

brightlights60, Jun 20, 11:20pm
Pretty sure my late Dad had it and niece diagnosed as being on the spectrum when around 5.

molly37, Jun 21, 8:13pm
Google "aspie" quiz.

success27, Nov 2, 1:13am
the aspie quiz is interesting thanks molly37.i have always thought i was on the spectrum in a small way preferring own company over other people yet I find it easier to initiate conversations with complete strangers as i have got older.I think I would agree that all of us have a trait or two if we are honest .I guess that is what makes us so individual and unique.

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