chookpan, Jun 19, 11:58am
Just wondering if anyone has or is using this please.

venna2, Jun 19, 12:28pm
What do you mean by 'using' it? There is iodine in most seafood and of course in iodised salt. You may be asking about supplements? Here's a website that could be useful:

chookpan, Jun 19, 2:21pm
Yes as a supplement that you put on your skin and let your body absorb it.

vmax2, Jun 19, 5:17pm
Lugols iodine 2% or above take internally but google iodine protocol and do very carefully. Transdermal not as succesful in uptake of iodine. Seaweed and kelp salt are very good sources of iodine too.

carter19, Jun 19, 6:35pm
I eat nori every day

annies3, Nov 3, 10:50pm
Just be very careful using iodine on skin it can cause allergic reactions, so test a tiny area first.

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