Anyone been told the pain is all

glynsmum, Jun 7, 11:27am
IN their head? and how to deal with it please.

morticia, Jun 7, 11:30am
Told by whom and by how many physicians?

cleo444, Jun 7, 11:30am
Can you explain a little. Where is the pain? Do you have nerve damage?

glynsmum, Jun 7, 11:45am
No not me my husband ,2 years ago he had a complete prostate removal cancer he has experienced pain ever since,He has to have another small op next month to correct damage to his sphincter,told by his surgeon that wouldn't cause his's in his head so go to a pain clinic where he would be taught to handle it,he has arthritic pain in his joints but this is low down.oh I don't know getting so tired of bolstering him up he's getting depressed.

lovelurking, Jun 7, 11:50am
Do you mean a phantom pain? One where the brain thinks there is a pain in an amputees missing part for example ? Because that is something I have an interest in, or another one, a loved one gets an injury and the other person for no physical reason suffers the pain to, another interesting pain, as with identical twins or life partner.
Pain is a very complex topic.
I hope you can get some relief. 🤕

lovelurking, Jun 7, 11:51am
I type slowly so hadn’t seen your post,sorry.
I’ll get back to you.

lovelurking, Jun 7, 12:04pm
I would like to suggest a couple of places/ specialists that I am sure would be able to have a chat with you but think it would be wrong to go pubic with these professionals.
(One is a urology Surgeon, the other is a Doctor who specialises in pain relief.)

Hahaha, I see I have an unfortunate typo, I’ll leave it so you can all have a bit of a chortle cos laughing out loud is good for us 😘🤣

carter19, Jun 7, 12:08pm
Has he had an xray to make sure nothing was left behind from op.

lythande1, Jun 7, 1:31pm
Oh yes. Friend spent 5 days lying in hospital with 6 tears (aortic dissection) while being told that, being dragged up and told to walk, told she was faking it etc etc.

On day 5, new doc scanned her, OMG, mad panic.

She never got an apology either.

princess52, Jun 7, 1:44pm
Yes me. I’m an ex nurse. I was told that I was being neurotic. There was no reason for the pain in my ankle/foot. Turns out the doc who said that had operated on the wrong joint - my ankle. I’d had a missed fracture in the bone under my ankle from a car accident 9 years earlier. After another 2 years another doctor fused the joint and told me the damage was really bad.

The first wrong joint doctor had an X-ray that said I had bad arthritis in the joint below my ankle

Since then I’ve had lots of other pain issues. I’ve been to pain clinic and didn’t find them helpful.

buzzy110, Jun 7, 2:22pm
OP. I do not believe there is such a thing as imaginary pain in a person of sound mind. I do not believe it is a real diagnosis. If a doctor told me that I would consider him/her to be nothing more than a quack who shouldn't be practising medicine.

I'm sorry I cannot help you with your question on what to do about it. My very first thought, if I had eliminated medical misadventure (i.e. something left behind after the op) and low grade infection (which I'd treat with UMF honey or honeydew) would be to check on my diet because I believe we are what we eat. And that does not mean just following dietary guidelines. It means doing some real experimentation on myself. Maybe starting on a total elimination diet such as that recommended by GAPS and going on from there. But that is just me.

If none of those remedies worked I'd be knocking down the doctor's door till I got an answer.

In the meantime has his doctor done tests to ensure that cancer is not still an issue (I presume that is why he had his original op)?

princess52, Jun 7, 2:35pm
And. To add to my story, when I went to another orthopaedic surgeon, she said she knew what was causing my pain. I trialled a shoe insert and then eventually went back and said I’d had enough, would she please fuse it. She sent me for a CT scan so that we knew exactly what was going on.

I insisted on speaking to the radiologist who read my scan. Poor bloke. No one usually talks to them. I said I wanted to know what he saw. He said it was arthritis and he could see an unhealed fracture. So, I told him, I just wanted to know it wasn’t “all in my head”.

The ortho doctor came to see me post op to tell me that the operation took much longer than expected because of the amount of damage to the joint. I wanted her to tell me it wasn’t in my head too!

I’m old now. This was all 20 years ago. Now I have lots of pain. Some is no doubt from the same car crash. Some is from walking on the side of my foot - because of the fracture. Some is just plain old arthritis.

I also had lots of gynae issues and pain related to those. Having a hysterectomy fixed most of those pains. It was such a relief to no longer have the grinding pain. It affects every bit of your life. You don’t sleep properly and it makes you grumpy. And then it’s gone! It’s like being a different person.

glynsmum, Jun 7, 2:44pm
Thankyou everyone,Oh i forgot the other small op to remove a clip found left inside again no apology,we hoped we were getting somewhere with the last doctor,who thought it might be Crohns sent off for more blood test and stool test.and told him he wanted to see him after his op,when he rang to say when he would be back so could he get on the list,nurse told him your stool came back no inflammation doctor doesn't want him to make another appointment so we are in limbo again.where to turn now.

cleo444, Jun 7, 3:54pm
My husband has had long term pain following a back injury. After years of nothing helping our new doctor diagnosed peripheral neuropathy where the peripheral nerves have been damaged and continue to send pain messages to the brain after they have healed. He now takes a very low dose of nortripyline at night and that has helped him so much. Worth talking to your doctor or a pain specialist about.

lovelurking, Jun 7, 5:55pm
That is disgusting. Can you make an appointment with a different surgeon?
Perhaps someone can act as your representative and demand some answers.

emmerson1, Jun 7, 11:56pm
I don't think anyone is saying the pain is imaginary, what they're saying is that they don't know what is causing it and want to move on to treating it and coping with it instead of continuing to hunt for rarer and rarer causes.

Your head ( / mind ) IS where you feel the pain, so the pain is in your head. That's a good hing, because you can then use your mind to help control it. As well as medications, a pain clinic will teach you things like relaxation and mentalisation which help too.

glynsmum, Jun 8, 3:16pm
Thanks everyone, he was to start at pain clinic Tuesday this week,he arrived to be told it had been canceled no phone call will try again next week.
I must say it helps to talk to people on here thanks again.

lovelurking, Jun 11, 6:18pm
How’s your hubby?

gabbysnana, Jun 11, 7:03pm
scar tissue and adhesions plus this is one of those surgeries that they cock up. Already they have damaged his sphincter, what else have they damaged. Poor guy. My dad went thru this.

mansonprincess, Jun 11, 9:43pm
i was about to say pain clinic but i see someone has suggested it -

glynsmum, Nov 7, 4:14pm
Morning all, he's still in pain,seems worse first thing in the morning,yesterday he was rung to tell him pain clinic was off this month ,they will contact him again! then also yesterday was a letter to go for kidney scan as he has small lesion. but his mood isn't improving very snappy feels he's been put in the to hard basket.thanks guys for the interest.

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