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hilt_dwane, Jun 19, 12:28pm
Going crazy and going around in circles with spouse and undiagnosed dementia. I have done quite a bit of research and think its likely to be Lewy bodies dementia. Spouse is "Mr Perfect" and if he thought he was to be tested to prove dementia, that would be the last thing he would do. Dr is not helpful on procedure advice except to say "get him in here if you think there is a problem". Has anyone been down this road and what did you do?
I do hold EPOA for him for health and welfare, but apparently cannot use it without his consent.

angelminx, Jun 19, 12:35pm
the EPOA can be activated by a doctor if its deemed that your spouse is not mentally competent to make their own decisons

hilt_dwane, Jun 19, 12:48pm
That is all very well but the first step is to get him diagnosed and he would not comply with any efforts to get him to the Dr if he knew.
There must be others who have faced this issue and I am looking for helpful suggestions on how they handled the matter

gilligee, Jun 19, 1:39pm
Could you make an appointment with the doctor under the guise of both having your flu injections, or is it too late for that?
Of course arranging with the doctor for a general checkup beforehand.
Is he due for a prostate cancer check?

articferrit, Jun 19, 3:11pm
Ring the local alzheimer's society and ask them for advice and help. 0800 004001
Ring the local hospital and find out what older persons community help is available or get a social worker there to advise you.
EPOA is activated after the diagnosis by a doctor.

articferrit, Jun 19, 3:22pm
or ring Age Concern and talk to them about what to do.

angelminx, Jun 19, 5:28pm
Ask your GP for a referal to older persons mental health. They can come to the home if hubby is unwilling to go to the doctors and start you through the process of getting a diagnosis and getting supports into place for hubby and also importantly you as his NOK.

Explain to your doctor that hubby is unwilling to come in, and ask him to initiate the process from his end.

kindajojo, Jun 19, 8:07pm
Ys been through that, my mum was tested, she was given a series of thigns to remember, games, words etc, she refused to do them was aggrssive, made excuses and finally lost it big time. My dad was upset that she had ' failed' the tasks, as she didnt play games ie word games.
I had to explain its not being able to sucessfully do the games or not , it is the reactions the tester is looking for, how she deals with the situation, the excercises were merely to put her into different situations. needless to say she failed miserably or suceeded in showing she had alzheimers. She was very good at conflaburation (sp) ie makign up excuses, playing people off against eachother, lying, coming up with half crediable stories and if all went to custard throwing tantrums we had years of this before we realised how bad she was, i cant believe how we were taken in by her stories.but it was the disease.

sarahb5, Jun 19, 8:44pm
I would check the wording on the EPA as well - it is most unusual for it to be activated by the donor giving consent to the attorney- as others have said it more usually activates once a doctor has assessed your spouse as being mentally incompetent.

linzis, Nov 3, 1:14am
Have been down this road with Mum 5 yrs ago. Mum however was very compliant and went to every Dr visit, hospital visit and scan.
Mum was diagnosed with Alzheimers 2013, but to her she just had a little bit if a memory problem like all he friends.
Mum has been in a Dementia Care Unit since 2016. By this stage Mum had lost mental capacity, and according to her POA for Health & Welfare, her GP declared her mentally incompetent. I obtained a letter from GP to give to Lawyer and this was all I needed to activate it.
My Dad had a cognitive impairment diagnosiss in 2014. We suspect now he had mild stage Frontal Temporal Dementia. His is not so much memory issues, as cognitive and judgement, spatial awareness. He is an accident waitng to happen, I emailed his GP saying I wanted him reassesed by DHB as before. My sister took himnt see GP and GP daid there was no ne to reasses him and it was just age and being stubborn!

I am going to contact Dementia Auckland for their opinion.

If you suspect Lewy Body Dementia, does he have vivid dreams, nightmares or visual/auditory hallucinations?
Can you email GP with concerns and advise how you cannot get your husband in, and if he can send a letter to come in for check up or flu injection?

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