Chemical/Facial Peels at home

donnalouise, Jun 14, 2:40pm
Does anyone know of a good facial peel or chemical peel you can do yourself? I've Googled it but haven't had much luck. Looking for something quicte strong to use weekly not daily, thanks

melanie10, Jun 15, 3:37pm
Cosmedix do a facial peel that you can do at home, I use this myself and it is really great. Although its only recommended to do every 3-4 weeks. Its strong enough for an at home peel and very safe.

Its not cheap, but the bottle will last for ages. It is a salon product but you can also buy it from trade me as well. I get mine from my daughter who is a beauty therapist, and they use it in their salon too :)

cleo444, Nov 6, 1:02am
Make sure you do a patch test before you use it all over your face.

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