Lupus/Connective Tissue Disease

rachel93, Dec 16, 8:14pm
How do other people cope and what drugs work a d dont work for you

sally63, Dec 16, 10:45pm
Coping is hard. You just have to do what you can when you can and say no if you can't. Am on Cellcept and prednisone. HTH

otako, Dec 19, 3:27pm
Raphael Satori makes an interesting point in podcasts 23 and 24 at with Tucker Goodwhich when discussing the effect that too much polyunsaturated oils can have on your body. PUFA's are sunflower and corn oils and also in other omega 6 foods ideally you should limit them to about 5% of total fat intake.

Because PUFA's react easily with oxygen they oxidise easily inside our body and the immune system can mistake oxidised PUFA's for bacteria apparently the chemical structure of oxidised PUFA's within mitochondria is simiar to some bacteria which is why the autoimmune system attack them so I assume this is a form of Lupus.

The keto diet puts less demands on the body due to reducing hormone spikes and enabling the bodies natural antioxidants glutathione and uric acid to inhibit oxidised free radicals. Additionally the keto diet is low in omega 6 PUFA's. Would you consider keto as a tool to minimize the flare ups?

sally63, Dec 19, 10:37pm
I have read that diet can make a difference so all other avenues are worth a try imo

-beej-, Dec 19, 10:55pm
may I ask how long you have been on prednisone for and if it was for a long period of time, if you ever managed to get off of it?

sally63, Jan 10, 5:56pm
This time I have been on it 20 months. When I tapered down. I got a flare of symptoms and abnormal blood tests.

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