Pain in Shoulder at night and stiffness all over

hondavtec24, Dec 15, 4:30pm
Hi there, shoulder pain, and stiffness in body next day what to do, or what natural medicine to take thank you.

lakeview3, Dec 15, 9:23pm
I have this, I just put up with the pain, if I am having bad days I take ibuprofen. Soaking in hot bath with Epsom salts is good and followed by rubbing some antiflamme. Try not to over use shoulder with keyboards and mouse etc.

regy_2005, Dec 16, 7:44am
Probably need the shoulder op. I just got done,ie cuff repair ,upto 3 mths off work.I had limited use of my arm will waiting for procedure for nearly a year

mrscat, Dec 16, 10:56am
Not your mattress is it?

cleo444, Dec 16, 4:15pm
I have this for about the last ten years. , after investigation it has been found to be oesteoarthritis.
The wear and tear of getting older. I use arnica oil on mine and it seems to help.

starseeker, Dec 16, 8:59pm
Check with your doc. These can be symptoms of polymyalgia rheumatica, & a blood test can be reasonably definitive

hotstuff111, Dec 16, 11:23pm
i just had my shoulder checked and had a burcer and had a injection to blast it and a cortisone one and its pain free sorry about the spelling i did take tumeric for the pain tock the edge of but nothing fixed it

catdog68, Dec 17, 10:43am
Pain in shoulder might be bursitis or tendonitis. Do you have pain when you reach high for things? This is usually a sign of bursitis. I have it in both shoulders but it is manageable through physio, taking care of my posture and to be careful with how I use my shoulders. It is very painful though when I have a flare up and have to sleep on my back as its too painful to sleep on the side.

starseeker, Dec 17, 4:27pm
The original poster mentioned pain in the shoulder ALSO WHOLE BODY STIFFNESS, which is why I suggested that a doctor visit & possible blood tests are needed.
Polymyalgia is typically felt worst in the morning & improving a bit during the day

wendalls, Dec 29, 8:11pm
Keto diet works wonders . Believe me. Getting rid of the inflammation caused by sugar and wheat is the simple answer helping thousands of people with aches and pains. You need to join a support group though as the high fat way of eating is so contrary to what we have always been told, you need experts with evidence to prove to you why it's not harmful. Eg Facebook group 100% LCHF.

wendalls, Dec 29, 8:12pm
And see a doctor obviously. But my bet is Keto will pleasantly surprise you.

brightlights60, Jan 11, 1:17am
See your doctor, get it noted at the very least. If it was caused by an injury, get it notified to ACC. A lot of people who have an injury do not see a doctor straight away. It makes it incredibly hard down the track if it is something like a rotator cuff injury or tendon tear to have ACC pay for any treatment if you do not see a doctor. At least then you can be referred to physio or whatever.

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