Eye chart

hakatere1, Jan 4, 7:11am
Where would I get one please to test our eyes at home?

sue193, Jan 4, 8:57am
Google a chart and then take it somewhere to get it printed and blown up to size maybe.

lissie, Jan 4, 9:05am
There is more to eye testing than a chart get a proper check up regularly

venna2, Jan 4, 9:09am
I agree. If you're an AA member you can get a free check at Specsavers. But it's well worth paying for. My optometrist checks much more than what can be tested by an eye chart.

gonefishing16, Jan 4, 6:27pm
Hi, I live in Aucklad and many years ago I went to an Iridologist to have my eyes read, i.e. any potential illnesses lurking and positives etc. I was given a chart of each eye as well which was very detailed and explained which part related to which organ in the body. If that is what you are after, may I suggest you check the web for Iridologist and given them a call to see if you can get a chart of the eyes? If you live in a different part of New Zealand, i.e. not Auckland, perhaps you could email the iridologist(s) and see if they could tell you where to get such a Chart from or they may email you one and you could print it off. Or otherwise just check 'eye chart' on the net. If you do not have a computer, you could use one at the Library - it is free and the staff there are extremely helpful. Just ask them and tell them what you want and they will assist willingly and free of charge. Good luck.

mrscat, Jan 5, 10:31am
What about glaucoma, what about macular degeneration, you need a proper test from an optician to see if you have the possibility of getting these, or already have them.

schnauzer11, Jan 5, 3:26pm
Iridology has been long disproven.

venna2, Jan 5, 3:40pm
Yes, and cataracts too.

hakatere1, Jan 7, 2:51am
Thanks all. Have taken everything on-board.

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