Sore teeth/gums and cheek

kirmag, Apr 6, 11:55am
If you had sore teeth, probably more the gums actually where your wisdom teeth are, top and bottom on one side. And then the cheek becomes sore right around the same area. What would you think it was?

Now I went to the dentist last year before Christmas time with the aching teeth/gums. And was told they were fine, he couldn't see any infection or anything wrong with them. They started getting better and not hurting as often after Christmas so I thought all was well again.

A month or so ago the teeth/gums start hurting again. And then this last week the cheek has been sore. So back I go to the dentist and get an xray, but still he can't see anything wrong, they're perfect looking wisdom teeth he said. There was a very small crack in a tooth in front of the bottom one so he filled that in but it had no decay or anything. He has given me a referral letter to a dental surgeon if it carries on and I feel the need.

But - anyone experienced this and can shed some light on it for me? TIA

mkr_ahearn, Apr 6, 4:53pm
Tension in the jaw area, grinding teeth in sleep, sinus infection are possibilities
you could investigate

kinna54, Apr 6, 8:57pm
Hi Kirmag . don't know if it's relevant but I once had neuralgia. which was very painful. felt like toothache but turned out the teeth were fine. just a thought, maybe a check with the GP. hope you're better soon

kirmag, Apr 7, 8:47am
Hmmm never heard of it kinna but will have a Google.


sue193, Apr 7, 9:44am
This happens to me and it's always sinus related. I could swear I have a tooth infection because it's so flippin' painfull.

kirmag, Apr 7, 10:19am
Pretty sure it wouldn't be the neuralgia. But was worth looking into.

Hmmm sinus related. Didn't even think of that. Never really had problems with sinuses tho or allergies, hay fever maybe once in my life. But worth looking into. Thanks.

lyndad59, Apr 7, 12:28pm
me too :) Went to dentist just last week & she removed all the old filling in the tooth ,as she said it had alot of filling in it ,it is alot better & I don't seem to have the pain anymore

kirmag, Apr 7, 6:41pm
Hmmm but I haven't had any fillings on that side of my mouth.

cleo444, Apr 7, 7:40pm
I guess the next step would be a visit to the doctor.

lyndad59, Apr 7, 8:09pm
Have you tried taking sinus tablets then ?

mndy1, Apr 7, 11:01pm

And can be salivery glands infected too. Often viral.
I find cutting back on sugars and carbs helps. And lots of vit c.

kirmag, Dec 4, 2:17am
No. Worth a shot though I guess

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