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jesus2000, Nov 3, 10:19am
That's what amazed me too a few years ago when I started LCHF. I went from someone that had to eat every couple of hours or else I felt like I was starving to death with shaking hands and light headedness.

I went to not having to eat anything until 5pm, and still had plenty of energy while doing it. It was amazing to experience the difference in myself.

davidt4, Nov 3, 10:51am
Same here. I can remember being at work and being absolutely starving by morning tea time, eating a piece of cake or a big biscuit at morning tea, being famished before lunch time. These days I do not feel any need to eat between meals at all.

flick5050, Nov 3, 11:35am
All of your comments are great. very encouraging. I am on day 3 and instead of bacon and mushrooms, this morning opted for a blueberry smoothie made with coconut milk. I am also surprised I am not feeling hungry. I am viewing this as a normal way of eating . a lifestyle now. Also determined to lose 15kg. Going in search of Buzzy's LCHF thread!

buzzy110, Feb 22, 6:42pm
When you are into LCHF your body will be more in tune with fat burning. That is a good time to start fasting. As others have noted, it is totally acceptable to eat only when you are hungry and not just because of some societal rule that says you must eat at specific times. Here is link that may provide a bit more insight.

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