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family007, Jan 7, 5:21pm
Great to see this thread!
I too have started on LCHF way of life and enjoying a different range of meals. I regularly use The recipes there are beautiful and easy to make. Ive even written to the dietician for a few tips and shes been most helpful.
Ive actually lost weight and dont really crave the foods I no longer eat! I also fast as well. Have lost 5kg so far!

otako, Jan 8, 3:31pm

Great work seems to me you will lose still more in the next few months. Most people trim up very easily without having to exercise.

flick5050, Jan 9, 12:58pm
Revisiting this thread I started. 9 weeks on and feeling great. Still learning as I go along but for me this way of eating has been so beneficial in that I am more alert, I no longer have shortness of breath and I am moving so much more easily! I also suffer from depression and this seems to have abated quite a bit. coincidence? Have lost about 5-6 kilos. no scales so I am not sure but I have definitely lost, albeit a lot slower than some. So I am very happy with what I am doing.
I have given up telling people what I am doing. told a friend I was doing the LCHF way of eating. She sniffed and said "oh, Atkins". I gave up!
Anyway, I do recommend this. for me it's been a revelation.

flick5050, Jan 9, 1:05pm
Forgot to say. also I have slipped into doing 16:8 intermittent fasting. Seemed a natural thing to do and don't get hungry at all. Not every day, but most days.

geldof, Jan 9, 1:15pm
Yay. I love reading success stories like this.
Well done.
. and no, the decrease in your depression is NOT a coincidence.,
There are just so many benefits while eating this way.
I agree, it's not an easy thing to discuss as most people have absolutely no idea how we actually eat.

cupatea, Jan 9, 1:54pm
Two websites you might find interesting .

flick5050, Nov 2, 12:04pm
Started this a couple of days ago after a lot of research, and am waiting to receive the WTF book. I got my information from that website and The Diet Doctor. I wondered if anyone who has been eating this way for a while has any feedback they could share with me and any tips and information they think could be valuable. A bit daunting starting out but I think this is the way for me for health and weight reasons. Have never been on a diet. Please. no dissenters. this is my choice, and would like to hear from like-minded people. Thanks.

huggy5, Nov 2, 12:38pm
I bought that book, I really enjoyed it. I tried the diet but it wasn't for me but I still use recipes from the book.
I think the only way to know if it suits you is to give it a try.
The only tip I have is to plan your meals until you get used to it, I found it difficult if I had to think of meals on the fly at the start.

galex, Nov 2, 12:38pm
Another resource for you :

wasala, Nov 2, 12:41pm
I gave my mother the What the Fat book last Christmas and she's lost weight although I don't think she follows it religiously!

cee_kay, Nov 2, 12:48pm
Well I don't know anything about the Diet Doctor but I'm happy on a no carb diet.
I only eat fatty meat, eggs and cheese. Water is all I drink.

molly37, Nov 2, 2:10pm
I've lost 12 kg since September. I started off as instructed by my Dr on LCHF but i struggled with getting enough fat really. Enjoyed eating bacon and brussel sprouts, putting butter on beans etc. Its a type of Atkins, i know people who swear by it and have lost loads. I prefer to now stick to a protein shake alternative some meals, and smaller more protein based low carb meals. I've cut out most bread, sweet drinks, junk food, and chocolate. I'm still having a sugar in my flat whites daily. Geez, a girl has to have something to live for. I'm happy this way, its really working for me and i'm never hungry.

oruff, Nov 2, 3:00pm
Google Dr. Jason Fung!

davidt4, Nov 2, 3:12pm
I have been eating Low Carb Healthy Fat and wheat-free for about seven years now and it suits me well. I don't believe in eating "replica" foods such as low carb breads and artificially sweetened desserts but prefer to eat food that is minimally processed e.g. fish, meat, eggs, cheese, nuts, veges and fruit. It is a wonderful liberation to stop being frightened of cream, butter and olive oil. It's hard to give up bread because it is such a convenient product, but once you get over that particular obstacle you'll have nothing to worry about.

The main advice I can give is that you need to shake off your previous food habits, in particular confectionery, baked goods, junk food, breakfast cereals and processed seed oils, and instead eat "whole" foods as described above. If you find yourself getting hungry then increase your fat by dressing veges with butter or olive oil.

flick5050, Nov 2, 3:27pm
Yes, I am eating whole unprocessed natural foods and not using any "substitutes". Luckily I have never had a sweet tooth, so that won't be a problem. My only problem is getting a variety for breakfast due to my allergy to eggs. I have an egg-free mediterranean flat bread in the oven at the moment I thought I would try! And yes, I am enjoying my food. veges with cheese especially. Will have to watch my portions! Thank you. good advice. Edited to say the loaf is actually crackers, made with a coconut flour, olive oil and psyllium base with cheese and herbs. Looks good.

davidt4, Nov 2, 3:36pm
Sounds as if you're well on the way already. Your egg allergy must make life difficult though. I'd be lost without eggs.

flick5050, Nov 2, 4:13pm
Do you track your carbs, proteins and fat? A lot of people seem to but I don't want to make it too complicated while I feel my way. Do you think I should?

davidt4, Nov 2, 4:31pm
I initially kept a count of net carbs and kept that up for a couple of years until I felt confident that I knew what I was eating. At that point I was eating very low carb, no more than 25g per day so there was no wiggle room. I've never tracked other macronutrients. Counting carbs is a bit of a pain as you need to measure everything you eat including things like onions in a stew, but it's a good way to get a grasp of what you can eat.

Make sure you understand the difference between net carbs and total carbs and stick to net carbs as total carbs are a meaningless measure.

geldof, Nov 2, 5:10pm
I've been keto for /LCHF for 4 years.
Welcome to the world of healthy eating and good health.
Feel free to come have a look at our group

Unfortunately this thread will probably turn to custard (Which can be made LCHF :D ) due to other people dissing what they don't understand.
Lots of groups on FB but some of them are really really bad.

cleo444, Nov 2, 5:59pm
Good advice here from Davidt4, flick and Buzzy will help you when she turns up.

buzzy110, Nov 2, 6:22pm
In order to keep this thread nice I will try and stay away so as not to drag in all my detractors. I am sure you will be able to help though.

I'd just like to say that davidt4 is on to it. I started a low carb recipes thread in Recipes if the poster is looking for ideas. I stayed away from the obvious meat recipes, etc because we all know how to cook those. Just do a search using low carb as your search words. Just ignore the link that goes to a vegetarian site. Vegetarians are not low carb.

wasala, Nov 2, 6:39pm
I still can't get used to leaving skin on the chicken and eating - or in my case, attempting to - those lovely little moist fatty bits on a lamb, near the bone. It feels bad but it's oh, so good!

wendalls, Nov 2, 10:21pm
Yes been doing it about 9 months. Struggling at present though. I need to get more veges in my routine. I'm not losing much weight but I dont really need to anymore. I cheat a bit ( chips)and drink wine. Body feels great though compared with arthritic aches and pains of last few years.
Home made mayo and avocado are good to have on hand to fatten up your salad s over summer. Do you have a stick blender? If so make one of Annabel Langbeins easy mayo recipes. I add garlic to make aioli.
I use the cracker recipe in Buzzys LCHF thread for avocado and salmon on crackers. Dietdoctor is good. I just stopped paying for it tho. Www.ditchthecarbs is good. Their grain free granola recipe is delicious! I have it with yoghurt and cream.
Good luck

timturtle, Nov 2, 10:28pm
+ 1 in SPADES very well put DAVIDT4 I am similar in time on low carb high fat and never felt or looked better. And still 20 kgs lighter and never hungry. I don't do breakfast as I'm not hungry sometimes only eat once a day if I remember Lol

timturtle, Nov 2, 10:42pm
This comment resonated with me to oddly.

I have hens but found I am giving more eggs away to friends and neighbours as I'm not eating as much bacon and eggs as I used to which I love btw it's just that I only eat when hungry which can be just once a day AND that's from when I used to tear the fridge door off when I got home from work AND eat anything - sweet or savoury with both hands

The liberation is unreal

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