What do vegans feed their Cats and Dogs?

timbo69, Jan 2, 8:35pm
Just curious.

waipawa, Jan 2, 8:41pm
Cats are obligate carnivores - they must eat meat or they die. Humans, on the other hand have a choice. So I would guess that they feed their cats free range non-vegan humans.

tahnasha, Jan 2, 8:55pm
My friend is a vegan and so is her dog.

lythande1, Jan 3, 8:04am
Yo cannot do that. Especially with cats. They need Taurine in particular, which comes from brain, raw meat and is added in cat food.

If you try to feed them vegetables (many of which are toxic to them) they will get nervous system damage and go blind among other things.

Likewise dogs. they can have some vegetable, but if you eliminate meat, you will mess them up too. People are such idiots, if they wish to chnage their own diets, fine, but don't force it on anyone else, especially an animal that cannot thrive on it and isn't being given any choice.

So stupid.

frances1266, Jan 3, 9:26am
You can buy taurine from vets to add to a cats diet. Personally I am unsure about feeding cats vegan but is fine for dogs. Think the longest li ving dog was vegan. I imagine you would have to find a good diet plan for dogs. my dog who died just before he turned 20 had meat sometimes, loved baked beans and I also cooked up a dish of brown rice, initially had min ce which was replaced by tvp, frozen veg and other veg and leftovers and a few other t hings.

trogedon, Jan 3, 1:41pm
Vegan family but no pets. You’re right re cats – need meat. Dogs will thrive on a Vegan diet.

metaller, Jan 3, 2:09pm
cat food, dog food.

metaller, Jan 3, 2:11pm
my dog used to eat rice and miso soup cos she didnt like dog food.she died at age of 18.

ralta, Jan 3, 5:31pm
My daughter (19) is a vegan and she accepts that our cats are not meant to be vegan and wouldn't attempt to feed pets a vegan diet.

trogedon, Jan 3, 8:29pm
That's a grand old age, especially for a large dog.

survivalkiwi, Jan 3, 9:53pm
How many vegans have a leather collar on their dogs?

frances1266, Jan 4, 9:56am
Why would a vegan have a leather collar on a dog?

jbsouthland, Jan 4, 10:35am
There are plenty of beautifully Å„on leather collars on dogs whose owners eat meat . go figure !

survivalkiwi, Jan 4, 10:45am
There is a vegan on here who sells leather products. He has been known to get very vocal about people eating meat and catching seafood.
When asked about his selling leather he disappears from that thread very quickly.
I can understand why some people choose to be vegetarian or vegan. But i do not understand the double standards a lot of these people have.
How can you be anti animal slaughter and sell leather products. Or own a car with leather seats.

bryalea, Jan 4, 11:37am
You do get skins (leather) off cattle that die of natural causes. Historically it was a way of making an extra $. You got $60 to $80 for a hide depending on size. Not so much now so not so frequently done.

lythande1, Jan 4, 11:51am
And why must they force their choices onto an animal? Dress it up, feed it an unnatural diet, all sorts of stuff.
You are a human, you do what you like with your own body. Leave any one elses alone, including an animal that hasn't been given a say in the matter.

holly-rocks, Jan 4, 1:08pm
Yes but if you're vegan, you use NO animal products, doesn't matter how the animal died.

metaller, Jan 4, 1:56pm
she was a medium sized dog.

karlymouse, Jan 4, 11:00pm
From a puppy. amazing.

golgotha, Jan 4, 11:46pm
I've had many disagreements with vegans about forcing their cats to be vegan, I think it's a sick practice. These cats have been denied their meat eating heritage and have been forced to endure an ideological diet not of their own accord, vegans talk of speciesism, yet they are some of the main perpetrators.

Many cats have suffered greatly in vegan diet experimentation in the past, the most common ailment for them was permanent blindness, vegans argue that Taurine/mineral supplementation are the primary issues but forget that there are other issues involved in digestion and absorption.

Why they choose to even own a carnivorous cat while being vegan is anyones guess, they could have chosen a rabbit or even a dog instead.

wenpen, Jan 5, 9:58am
Vegan friend feeds her dog meat and it's so bloody funny watching her handle the meat, like it's gonna get her.

metaller, Jan 5, 1:57pm
i think its the combination of a lot of running and good diet.she never really got sick.

devonwrecked, Jan 9, 6:42am
I have a friend who is vegan and has a cat - it gets cat food.

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