Whip lash

roxy244, Apr 4, 8:57pm
Hi I had a car accident in August and got whip lash, I've had pain ever since, eased but now it's back, I have had seen an oesopath and had massages, I went to an oesopath today they said my c1 and c2 are locked and all my muscles are inflamed, I feel like vomiting and have head aches. do chiropractic clinics take X-rays ? I just don't know where to go to get help anymore ? Any suggestions?

winnie54, Apr 4, 11:18pm
Last time I went to a chiropractor I had xrays done. I have had neck manipulations done with success. Mind you yours sounds a lot worse than mine was. Having also had whiplash too I suggest checking your pillow too. I find my feather one really comfortable. I can nestle my neck into it. Good luck

annies3, Apr 5, 4:27pm
I would have hoped you had xrays initially following the accident ? if not go to your dr and explain how you are feeling and ask for further investigation asap.

kiwitrader43, Apr 8, 8:50pm
cut open one of your small armchair cushions and place it in a pillowcase.Reducing the thickness of your pillow will help with your neck angle strain until you can get the help you need.
ACC neck claim first, then referral to neck specialist.

kiwitrader43, Apr 8, 8:51pm
Nuromol tablets help.

seashore, Dec 3, 7:00pm
You need to take this injury alot more seriously.
See your GP urgently, get an ACC claim underway and get specialist assessment and treatment.
Its actually dangerous to allow any Tom, Dick or Harry physio or osteo at
such an injury. You need xrays or scans to see what the damage is. Manipulation etc without detailed assessment is simply dangerous.
Remember its your neck, its crucial to your functioning and much of your body depends on what seems to be quite a fragile area. What sort of strong
force did the accident apply to your neck?.
You may walk away relatively unharmed but you are risking permanent injury, long term arthritis or other issues. This sort of injury should receive skilled assessment and treatment.
A feather pillow with only about 50 per cent of its content may help. It needs to be very low. Avoid quickly turning your head if pain results. Protect yoyr neck as much as possible from further damage while waiting fir proper treatment. Sometimes whiplash injuries dont make themselves known until a few days after an accident but when they do, its time to visit an A and E Department at a large hospital with good facilities. A soft Neck collar may give you support and protection.
An out of alignment neck is not something to be ignored. In my experience, the whip lash resulted in a 10 per cent permanent injury which I can still feel 50 years later.
Please look after yourself better than this.

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