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venna2, Nov 27, 12:58pm
I have a new partial dental plate, which I'm slowly coming to terms with. The dentist told me to take it out each night and leave in water, and once a week to soak in denture cleaner or a mild chlorine solution.

I've noticed on the Steradent packet that you soak it for three minutes. I thought the dentist meant to soak it all night. Does this mean I take it out of the Steradent or chlorine solution and put it in plain water? Or is it okay to leave it in Steradent all night?

And if I go on to the chlorine solution once I've used all the Steradent tablets, what is a suitable one? Is household bleach, eg Janola, mild enough?

rubyjane11, Nov 27, 2:01pm
You can get different types of steradent tablets, a 3 minute one or an overnight soak for deeper cleaning

venna2, Nov 27, 2:12pm
Thanks - do you think it's okay to leave the three minute one soaking all night?

rubyjane11, Nov 27, 3:59pm
3 minute ones are for 3 minute as in to use in the morning . so they will only be beneficial for that time

kinna54, Nov 27, 4:11pm
If you want to really freshen you can also try soaking in a white vinegar water solution overnight. I often do that once a week or so with my dentures, and just use the 3 min tablets daily

PS have used bleach but not straight. a watered down solution maybe 1 part bleach to 3 parts water

venna2, Nov 27, 4:15pm
That white vinegar water solution seems like a good idea. Re the three minute Steradent, I just wanted to know if it would be harmful to leave the plate soaking all night. I guess it wouldn't be.

lythande1, Nov 27, 4:52pm
I wouldn't use Janola. eeewwww. You could buy baby bottle sterilising solution and use that, or beer bottle steriliser.
Less likely rto make mistakes that way and chlorine, if not handled correctly is flammable.

kecal, Nov 27, 6:01pm
tcs denture cleaner 60 buks 10 months supply

socram, Nov 28, 7:31pm
Having had a partial for well over 50 years, I never take mine out at night.

Occasional soak in Steradent, but hygienist (only recently) did say to leave the plate out now and again for a healthier mouth, even if only whilst showering.

Janola? No way. I can't even stand our town water unless it has been filtered. Vinegar makes more sense as it is a miracle fluid.

alston, Nov 29, 8:07am
Having just had a new partial, I asked the technician about the ‘overnight thing’ he recommended a partial plate be taken out at night, to allow the gum time to maintain its health.

venna2, Nov 29, 8:47am
Thanks everyone. My dentist did tell me to take it out at night (after the first ten days) . Perhaps it depends on how many teeth the plate is replacing - mine replaces two at one end and three (incisors) on the other, with two or three 'real' teeth between them. I still find I'm very conscious of it while I'm wearing it, my tongue wants to get rid of it.

Rest assured that I haven't soaked it in Janola! Maybe the dentist meant something like the 'baby' stuff.

kecal, Nov 29, 3:52pm
JANOLA will turn your plastic denture white over time

venna2, Nov 29, 6:12pm
If that happened, it would contrast a bit too much with my real teeth. A few days ago, I was telling the five-year-old next door how important it is to look after your teeth, and how I ate too many lollies when I was a child.

He looked at me and said kindly, "Is that why your teeth are a bit yellow?"

socram, Nov 29, 10:01pm
Sweets probably have nothing to do with it. I have two brothers. One is like me in terms of looks and we tend to be more like Dad. The other (middle) brother inherited some of Mum's characteristics. None of use had much in the way of sweets and even at 14 when I had my partial, my teeth were right at the grubby end of the whiteness scale. Middle brother has much whiter teeth than us - and no receding hairline either.

venna2, Nov 30, 8:47am
You're probably right, socram. But also, I remember I used to eat a lot of grapefruit - I didn't put sugar on it, but the acid probably helped to wear down the enamel of my teeth.

Did it take you long to get used to your partial plate?

socram, Dec 4, 7:56pm
Not too long to get used to it, but still very aware it is there.

When I upgraded to a stainless plate just before my 21st, it has metal claws that clip around existing teeth, so the chance of it falling out are zero. (Never needed a fixative.) However, with my mouth closed, my tongue seems to be more inclined to be trying to support it! A nightmare for the hygienist as it always needs pushing out of the way.

When eating an apple, be aware that the leverage on the teeth may put undue strain on the teeth. When younger and with the plastic plate, I had to make several trips to the technician to get it repaired, so I learned to bite into an apple with the lower teeth.

venna2, Dec 11, 9:49pm
Thanks socram. Even before I got my partial plate, when I was aware that some of my 'teeth' (crowns and bridge) had just been glued in, I didn't dare to bite into an apple or similar fruit. I don't now either, I cut it up and chew it with my molars.

I have the metal claws or clasps too, but for the first week I couldn't take it out on one side, so asked the dentist to loosen that clasp. He warned me that it might fall out when I was talking, but that was preferable to not being able to get it out at all. As it is, it does stay in, but I'm still very conscious of it, and my tongue keeps playing with it - regarding it as a foreign object it wants to get rid of, I suppose. My speech also feels a bit funny still. But I remind myself that when nightfall comes and there's no one else around, at least I can take it out until the next morning.

yz490, Dec 12, 12:10am
I can 'so' relate to this thread. i have a single front tooth on a plate & don't wear it until wife say's 'where's ya tooth' if we're going to town etc. Damn annoying as cant talk proper lol & had occasions where the food has hooked it out & got stuck at odd angles in my mouth. Has a loop of wire on each side that hook on the back teeth. Original denture tooth broke off the plate & i'll swear i didn't bite anything hard or even directly on that tooth as conscious of its fragility [is that even a word] but was only 'just' holding when i studied it. New one he made a lot thicker hence difficult to talk easily but i'm not bad nowdays. Had this one maybe 5 years & out of shear chance while paying car insurance on the way to dentist the guy said [at state] your household policy covers that! , so a short time later dentist rings 'State' & deal done. Wasn't cheap & think i had an excess but wasn't a high excess at all. Anyway--Steradent--i have Polident tablets & just leave the plate sitting in that permanent between use. Just change the water & tablet when i think of it & give it scrub before & after use with toothpaste. Can't remember what instructions i was given at the time. The damn wire on mine around the back molars has me sometimes catching my tongue on the sharp end of one side, just a habit [bad habit] & shouldn't keep doing it to see if it still hurts lol. Despite all that my dentist made a perfect job of it, perfect colour match & fit etc albeit a bit thick for natural tongue movement. Hope ya get used to yours & are happy with it. ps, i must google the process as fascinated me at the time to think--from damn near choking on this great wad of whatever it is he stuffs in your mouth he then makes a perfect fit denture. Great skills.

venna2, Dec 12, 8:47am
Thanks y***o! I'm glad I'm not the only one who nearly chokes when the dentist puts that mould stuff in my mouth. I'd had it some years before I was fitted for the partial denture, as I had crowns and a bridge made - which eventually, to my surprise, fell out when I was eating an innocent piece of home made ginger crunch. Hence the partial plate. But surprisingly, the mould wasn't so bad that time - perhaps because I was prepared for it, and desperately (and successfully) tried not to gag.

If you find your plate really tiresome, have you considered asking your dentist about an implant? My son suggested this, but the partial plate covers three main front teeth, so it would be horrendously expensive, I imagine.

I'll look for Polident, couldn't see it at New World when I bought the Steradent but it will hopefully be at the local chemist shop.

yz490, Dec 12, 10:56pm
Yes implant was discussed by memory--the thought probably put me off, or i googled it [bad idea lol]. I don't think Polident is any better than anything else it's just what my wife bought for her dentures & so it's what 'i use'. I'd imagine it was New World as that's where we shop. Thanks.

kecal, Dec 15, 8:19pm
yz490 ever thought the good job was done by a dental technician and not the dentist, pop along to your nearest dental lab and have alook at some of the skills at fabricating dentures or crowns or implant wrk.

socram, Dec 15, 8:37pm
Oh dear! Those impressions. I have ongoing nightmares where I am constantly pulling that goop out of my mouth!

#19 I'm a gagger too.

Crowns are now computer manufactured on site. "Come back in a couple of hours". Wife was thrilled to bits with hers.

Implants are horrifically expensive and not 100% foolproof either - apparently.

starseeker, Dec 16, 9:04pm
Use Chlorogene. It is chlorine based but there are directions on it as to what dilution to use. I've used it for years & no change in colour

robin23, Dec 21, 12:14am
Steradent is rubbish. It barely removes coffee stains. I bought White Glo toothpaste for my lower teeth (I have denture on top) and started cleaning denture with White Glo and it cleaned all stains from the denture from the first. I now use White Glo bleach for my teeth and the toothpaste for top and bottom. Very effective.

venna2, Dec 21, 8:13am
My dentist told me not to use toothpaste on the partial denture as it's too abrasive. Perhaps White Glo is different, I don't know, I've never heard of it.

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