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reelingmaze, Dec 21, 8:20am
I use the steradent 3 min tablets and soak my partial overnight, the stains are removed and the partial comes out nice and clean. If used for the 3 min the stains don't get removed.

venna2, Dec 21, 8:32am
Thanks reelingmaze, I was wondering if it's okay to leave my partial in the three-minute tablet overnight, not so much for stain removal as the fact that I have to leave it in water overnight in any case.

parryduck, Jan 11, 1:13am
The best cleaner I have ever used is one that I make. Some baking soda, mix with glycerin until it has a 'toothpasty' texture, and a couple of drops of peppermint oil (Not really necessary) very easily removes all stains

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