Braun Oral B Electric Toothbrush

hawat, May 29, 12:57pm
Mine's about 4 years old and it cuts out after a while with the red light flashing. I think the battery doesn't hold a full charge anymore. Is it like a mobile phone battery after a while? Does it just give out? I'm wondering if you can replace the battery or something? Or do I just have to dump it and buy another. It cost $150 so I don't want to dump it if I can do something else. One good thing, the replacements don't seem to cost anywhere near as much now. Helpful tips anyone?

mossum, May 29, 4:30pm

these people will help you - they sell parts :)

skull, May 29, 4:48pm
As far as I know handles are still available as a spare part, phone Lorraine on 09 4866555 tomorrow and ask her if she has one in stock or can get one in for you.

lythande1, May 29, 6:25pm
Yes. ALL batteries are like that, they have a lifespan. Whatever device it is in.

success27, Jun 1, 10:21am
I have a Braun oral B ,bought while in Canada 12 years ago.I just leave it powered up continuously hasn't let me down .

jayemtoo, Jun 1, 10:54am
Mine has gradually got slower- think it is about 18yrs old so guess it’s had a good run. Just brought a new one and so much more efficient!

paulmc, Jun 2, 2:44am
I saw the Oral B Pro 500 at a supermarket for $50 so not worth paying too much for parts.

boby11, Jun 2, 10:49am
You can unscrew the bottom using the holder as a grip and remove the old battery .New ones are available at Jaycar Ltd

starseeker, Jun 2, 9:22pm
That was my experience too. I think it's not just the batteries that give out, the whole thing seemed to be lose after a few years.

meme6, Jun 3, 8:55pm
You can get Oral B toothbrush electric for 24.95 sometimes from Countdown.

hawat, Jun 4, 10:34pm
HUH! I bought a new Oral B Pro 500 from Noel Leeming - cost $99? I have seen the ones they sell at Countdown and they aren't the same model. I decided to get the new one because my old one cost $150 5 years ago so I thought $100 was a good deal

paulmc, Nov 7, 2:00am
I think it was on special when I saw it for $50. It is now back to $99?

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