Support group for colostomy/stoma

lisah23, Jun 13, 9:04pm
Hi does anyone know of a support group/page for this please, i am a member of a facebook group but everyone is from america and their health system etc is different from ours, thank you.

dansac, Jun 14, 9:34am
The Canterbury Society is:
Also the Nurse Maude Nurses may be able to help with direct contacts, I have them but am unsure if I am able to post their details.
Also the NZ Ostomate Magazine has all of the Society contacts on the last thee pages.
Good Luck

mitzi3, Jun 14, 10:41am
Hi I have just had a colostomy on the 21/5 was an emergency and the drs told my family it ws very serious. However after three days in icu and two weeks in the ward I am home. Managing quite well. I am in Napier and the hospital is sending me the Stoma nurses for visits and phone calls they are marvellous. Also I have someone to watch me shower and another lady to do vacuuming etc once a week. The Stoma nurse is coming tomorrow and said she'd bring me info about the Ostomy support group in my area. Id be interested in the facebook group you referred to . Cheers

lisah23, Jun 14, 10:29pm
Hi it is called called colostomy and stoma support group, it put me off having my planned one as i got scared as alot of people on there are looking for help and have issues with theirs. Mine will eventually happen, but i am holding off for as long as my body lets me. I hope you are recovering well.

dutchlegz, Jun 15, 1:46pm

All the best, OP xx

dutchlegz, Jun 15, 2:31pm
and mitzi3!

I nursed my father 30 years ago, a support group such as what nowadays is available would've been great

harrislucinda, Jun 15, 4:31pm
i thought hubby would like to talk if any problems but no

2spotties, Jun 21, 8:35pm
There is a facebook page Ostomates NZ - we are all from NZ and have a ostomy of some kind. It is a great supportive one. Also they organise meet ups etc in your particular area

grandmasue1, Nov 2, 5:58am
My husband has had a permanant in-dwelling catheter for the last 8 years, I sometimes wish that we could find a online support group.

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