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muzza3, Dec 26, 5:14pm
I am a Type 2 have been for around 20 years , fought to get put on insulin, way easier, more natural now stabilised at about 40 units per day.
Now for the inevitable comment re losing weight ,eating correctly etc .
I am a skinny diabetic, no immediate family with Type 2, seldom eat carbs a slice of vogels in hte morning and following a semi carb free diet .
When I started on insulin about 15 years ago I started with 20 , gradually built up to 40 then early this year went to 50 , now back to 40 again

axelvonduisberg, Dec 26, 7:57pm
My wife has had Type 2 for over 30 years, and i was diagnosed around 2002.We have been fairly low carb eaters , and popping pills has become a habit, on reading the above posts, i do get a feeling of ease.
The posts of others above help my understanding of an older relative who is Type 2 and she was put on Insulin from the outset.When i inquired of her Hb1Ac etc she looked blankly at me and did not know what i was talking about, even to the extent when she does a pre breakfast test and she is at 6, she gave herself a jab of Insulin then wonders why she was rushed to Hospital after her husband could not rouse her and her BSL WAS 2.6.

lakeview3, Dec 26, 11:28pm
why don’t you just make some changes to your lifestyle? I just don’t understand why you don’t. My son is an insulin dependent type 1 and I would not wish that on anyone. Seriously do something about your health before you really have stuffed it up for good.

lakeview3, Dec 26, 11:32pm
why don’t people just sort themselves out instead of relying on a ‘quick fix’ just makes me angry all the funding that goes on type 2 diabetes for people who really need to be read the riot act. If there wasn’t so much money spent on people who won’t take care of themselves likely people like my son would be able to have better care and access to technology. but no, go have another pie and have your insulin so you can cancel it out.

jaybee43, Dec 28, 8:53am
OMG I am type 1 and now need insulin once a day I have lost a lot of weight and I am very petite I would give anything to put weight on I have always looked after myself but I have had on going health issues not my own fault Lakeview3 I think you are being very unfair. I never asked for diabetes my mum had it towards the end of her life I never asked for it, I'd give any thing to be well and to put weight on. Don't be so mean

jesus2000, Dec 28, 4:25pm
It's good to hear you're on insulin now. It will be interesting to see if you can start putting some weight back on.

And I think Lakeview3 was referring to T2 diabetics that have a chance to avoid diabetes by looking after themselves better, not type 1 where it's unavoidable.

nahmi, Dec 28, 4:37pm
I’m thinking from Jaybee’s comments in another thread that we are talking about Type 2 insulin dependant rather then Type 1.
One injection of long acting a day doesn’t add up to a Type 1.
Wish it did 😊

axelvonduisberg, Dec 28, 7:30pm
Read my post 9, WTF do you think we have been doing with our lifestyle to prompt your coment?

jaybee43, Dec 29, 8:39am
I have been told by a diabetic nurse that I am type 1 I only need a boost of insulin the morning before breakfast so my blood sugar doesn't rise with what I am eating, when I eat carbohydrates or rice , potatoes, bread etc my blood sugar shoots up high, so I have a small amount of insulin before I know that I need it

jaybee43, Dec 29, 8:40am
Been using insulin for 2 weeks still no weight gain yet ugh

nahmi, Dec 29, 5:38pm
Sorry Jaybee but I’d question the nurse. Type One’s don’t simply need a boost. A Type One usually has a fairly dramatic entry to Type One ( often DKA) and they certainly need more then a boost of insulin.
A Type One needs several injections of both short acting and long acting insulin’s. They need to cover everything they eat with insulin.
I’d read up on it and then question her.
Meantime if you’re on Lantus it’s quite possible you’ll put on weight.
It’s rather notorious for that. 😊

jaybee43, Dec 29, 7:55pm
I think it's Lantus but I'm not sure I will ask next time I speak to her, I seem to only need one shot in the morning so far and is is controlled by diet mainly I am a petite 5ft 2 and really need to put weight on

axelvonduisberg, Dec 30, 12:28pm
Personally Jaybee, i would ask your GP about your Diabetes status, as from what you have posted i am sure that you are a Type 2 Diabetic on Insulin (your Diabetes Nurse needs to learn a bit more about Diabetes) going from Talets to Insuin does not alter your Diabetes type.

oruff, Dec 30, 12:34pm
Google Dr. Jason Fung, I got fantastic results, my Dr. was amazed!

jaybee43, Dec 30, 8:49pm
I have never been on tablets

ferrit47, Dec 31, 11:36am
My wife has had Diabetes for long time & she now injects herself once a day after dinner. First she has to prick finger to get reading which she records & tells her nurse once a week. Sometimes the nurse tells her adjust her in meter and add more. It can do up or down depending on what you have eaten. If below certain level suck on Lolly or eat something sweet to raise level. My wife uses Lantus & found it excellent.

axelvonduisberg, Dec 31, 2:16pm
OK my error there, generally speaking Type 1 Diabetes occurs from infancy up to early 20's and is caused by the bodies failure to produce Insulin.Rarely it can occur at a later age.
Type 2 (often referred to as Middle age onset diabetes) is caused amongst other things a failure in production of insulin to cope with the bodies need.
A common misconception (myself included) used to be that everyone on Insulin was Type 1 - this is not correct.There are also many in the Medical Profession who get this wrong.

gilligee, Dec 31, 3:17pm
'There are many in the Medical Profession who get this wrong'.
Golly, I hope not!

axelvonduisberg, Dec 31, 3:26pm
classic example being, one is hospital, fed a desert not suited for a diabetic, Nurse waltzes in to take a blood sugar reading, BSL shows 20, Nurse says "COOL" and you don't see her again for three hours.

kay141, Dec 31, 3:34pm
Did the medical profession force feed you?

buzzy110, Dec 31, 3:41pm
This might be accurate the longer you are type 2. Lowered insulin production is found to be caused by a build up of visceral fat around the pancreas which inhibits insulin production. Some even attribute lowered production to burnout of the pancreas.

However, the proper description of a type 2 is insulin resistance. This is when cells in the body are resistant to the action of insulin. When that happens the pancreas is generally understood, even by the medical profession whom I believe do know stuff, to be producing too much insulin rather than not enough.

Forgive me if that is what you were actually saying. It wasn't 100% clear. Maybe you meant that even though there is an overproduction of insulin, insulin resistance means that the body cannot produce enough insulin to overcome cellular failure to use insulin to transfer enough energy into cells.

axelvonduisberg, Dec 31, 3:55pm
Buzzy in the interests of simplicity i was giving a brief general description, not the Medical version, but thanks.

jaybee43, Feb 23, 4:48pm
my pancreas doesn't make enough insulin so if I don't have the insulin before breakfast when I have had my cereal and bread with poached egg my levels rise when they shouldn't same as when I eat rice or pastry even a banana my blood sugar level goes way up so I need a boost before I eat banana or rice etc

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