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nahmi, Jan 1, 9:03am
Go to any Type One Page and you’ll soon see how many “ medical professionals “ get it wrong.
A Type One lives with it 24/7, there’s no escape and they certainly come to know their body and their T1 diabetes usually better then the myriad of diabetes nurses etc. That’s because it’s such an individual disease.
When I was dx Type 1 , the specialist told my husband “ your wife is the one who will be the specialist on her diabetes “ and that is how it goes for most Type 1’s.
My Dr’s surgery only has one other Type One patient and she allows me to tell her what I need to be having because she knows I have a handle on what I need and she absolutely acknowledge’s that.
So it’s not unusual to come across people who are quick to suggest you’re now Type One simply because you need extra insulin, and yes even nurses.
My point to Jaybee ( and I’m just popping it here because I ‘m already commenting here 😊) was she needs to research Type One and then question the nurse more fully.
Type Ones need more then the boost Jaybee is talking about.
Their dx is usually quick and dramatic and certainly I would expect that classification to come from a Dr and not a nurse.
I really would follow up Jaybee 😊

nahmi, Jan 1, 9:09am
Sorry Kay my response obviously was on the health professionals comment.
I agree that a non compliant dessert should ring a warning bell but maybe Axel’s point was it was offered in hospital to a diabetic. 😊
Bit like the Diabetic recipe books that include high carb pasta’s etc .
In order to get the better of diabetes ,when we can ,we really have to know the effects of certain food on our system.

deered, Jan 1, 9:19am
You do not become a type 1 diabeteic from simply going on insulin injections. Type 2 is caused by resistance to insulin, type 1 is caused by an autoimmune attack on the pancreas. They both result in elevated blood glucose, however the cause is very, very different.

deered, Jan 1, 9:25am
May i ask your age?
Also please ask your GP to get your c-peptide levels checked if they think you are a T1. You really need to be under the care of an endocrinologist/diabetes specialist and get taught carb counting and management strategies. If you are a T1, then a single shot a day is soon going to turn into multiple shots a day. If a single shot is working at the moment it is because you are in the "honeymoon" period.

gilligee, Jan 1, 9:50am
The medical profession I was talking about.
The nursing profession you were talking about.

hoarder85, Jan 1, 12:24pm
Out of curiosity are both of you overweight? If so, quite a lot overweight? Hope you don't mind me asking. Type 2 for 30 years isn't great :( it's good that you're trying different 'fixes' though.

lythande1, Jan 1, 2:40pm
So do so.
You eat more. Then, as your sugar levels would climb. take enough extra insulin to digest the extra food.

It's all about balance, whether you are type 1 or 2.

buzzy110, Jan 1, 2:51pm
I believe the poster also has digestive issues which affects her ability to gain and keep weight. I cannot remember the digestive issue but it seems to interfere with with what she can and cannot eat as well as quantity.

That is not to say that what you prescribe wouldn't work for someone without those issues just maybe not for jaybee.

axelvonduisberg, Jan 1, 5:26pm
My wife at diagnosis was Dress size 20 now she is 12.In my case yes, i had to leave my manual job, due to a heart problem and i increased in weight by 9Kg very quickly. We changed our way of life and way of eating many years ago, dinner is usually only meat and greens, we do not do desserts.Anyone who comes to Dinner never accepts another invite as they find our meals bland.
We really need to walk more but this heat is so debillitating.

susievb, Jan 1, 6:47pm
Now the silly season is over, and the nurse has arranged for me to see a dietitian, hopefully this year l can focus on my health and can find a plan - l can handle and stick too.

jaybee43, Jan 1, 8:18pm
I am 61 and have been to the diabetic clinic Waikato hospital I will just keep monitoring my blood and hope I can put weight on eventually

susievb, Jan 1, 9:18pm
Putty l can't give you some of mine, as l have plenty to spare ;)

axelvonduisberg, Jan 2, 1:50pm
i could donate too

deered, Jan 2, 7:36pm
Oh, and your insulin type is written on the bottle/insulin pen. It is actually really important that you learn what your meds are and how they work if you want to be able to get a handle on this.

If you are unable to put on/maintain your weight and have complex dietary requirements, then you need to go back to the diabetes team and get more intensive help. At 61 it would be very unusual to be a T1, however if you are, and you are not getting enough insulin, you will be at high risk for ketosis (or there is a similar issue for T2) and it isn't the good sort. Basically your body will be breaking down your fat and muscle to survive. You are going to have to become your own advocate and start asking questions. I suggest you write down any questions you have before you go and see your dr, and write down the reply at the appointment. You also need to ask them why they want you to do something, and if it doesn't make sense to you, say so, and keep asking why until they give you an answer you understand.

rosess, Jan 2, 8:17pm
I am dismayed at this comment and others like it. Type II diabetes can be a very serious disease with devastating consequences. Patients who are diagnosed with metabolic syndrome or who are pre-diabetic or are type II diabetic and not yet insulin dependent have a window of opportunity to make the necessary lifestyle changes to preserve what remains of their pancreatic B-cell function and improve their insulin sensitivity. Taking insulin shots is currently not even close to an adequate substitute for natural function.

If you think a weight loss diet is hard (and I appreciate it is) perhaps chat to a type II diabetic who has not managed to keep blood sugars and HbA1c within acceptable levels and has gone into diabetic renal failure. A renal diet for a type II diabetic is very very limited. And if you cheat on a renal diet (e.g you eat some tomatoes, a banana or some oranges) you risk hyperkalemia associated cardiac arrhythmia. Dairy food and meat can throw your phosphates out so you spend all night with unbearably itchy skin. This I know from experience. Please people, look after yourselves and listen to your Doctors/consultant specialists and not random people on the internet.

soxxy, Jan 2, 8:33pm
I was told this too. Instead I stumbled on a product called CARBAL with Gymnema Sylvestra - my count went from 67 to 27. My doctor was impressed. If interested l can let you know where to get it. Good luck.

-nana-, Jan 3, 8:30am
At what stage do they give you insulin? My husband is on 6 metformin and 2 Gliclazide per day.

axelvonduisberg, Jan 3, 2:45pm
Metformin comes is several strengths, i am on 2 tablets morning and night but the dosage is 1350Mg each time.Its ones Hb1Ac that dictates what action the GP takes not the number of pills one pops.I am guessing your hubby is on 2 x 500Mg a time, and if so he is probably quite a way off the need for Insulin.

susievb, Dec 20, 7:59pm
I have gone from tablets to once a day insulin injection, the nurse told me it can take 2 weeks to see if l am at the right level -ml for me . l am at my 2nd increase . How long did it take you to get your level right?

lythande1, Dec 21, 7:11am
All depends how long THEY mess with it. You can do it yourself you know, friend did this, Doc told her to increase by 2 units a day, if need be. She jumped 10 to start with, then 2 until it settled at a rather higher does than he thought she'd need.

axelvonduisberg, Dec 26, 3:03pm
Both my wife and i are Type 2 Diabetics on Tablets, and we have both been threatened by our respective GP's that if we do not get our Hb1Ac levels down, Insulin is their next options for us.

Watching your replies with interest.

lythande1, Dec 26, 4:16pm
Threatened?! I have to tell you it's far better. No nasty side effects, it's as natural as you can get. mimicking your own insulin.
And far easier than pills.

buzzy110, Dec 26, 4:32pm
Everything I have read from commentators whose opinions on this issue I trust, say exactly the same thing.

I think that you could possibly view insulin as a gift not a threat.

ingies, Dec 26, 4:32pm
Best way to lower your HbA1c is to eat less of the foods that raise it, see for helpful advise, once you get on you on insulin it only gets worse, it doesn't treat the underlying problem, only treats the high blood sugar levels.

buzzy110, Dec 26, 4:35pm
And this I agree with as well. The sooner you can lower or eliminate diabetes meds altogether, if you are type 2, the better off you are.

And I have to be pedantic here so that someone won't try to act like I don't know stuff - there is no way to come off insulin if you are type 1.

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