vic008, Jun 22, 7:38pm
Is this something that will just get worse or can you cure it(think I know the answer)? For 20 odd years bending over to do shoelaces up causes shortness of breath. Doc now says got lopd.

spyware, Jun 23, 12:02pm
So you are talking about late onset Pompe disease?

vic008, Jun 23, 12:22pm
No my bad, meant COPD

articferrit, Jun 23, 2:27pm
cant cure it, can manage it, the cold air doesnt help and the drugs do, there are exercise classes for people with COPD through CDHB.

kitty179, Jun 23, 2:30pm
From my understanding from a friend who had this, COPD is an 'umbrella' term for any of the following so I guess it depends what sort you have when looking at progression, management etc. - emphysema, chronic bronchitis, certain types of bronchiectasis, and sometimes asthma.

spyware, Jun 23, 3:33pm
How many years did you smoke for?

kateley, Jun 23, 5:12pm
it wasn't caused by smoking - it was caused by '20 odd years bending over to do shoelaces up'

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