Breast Specialist

penwill1, Jan 11, 9:56pm
I would like to see a breast specialist. I live in the top of the south and cannot find this type of specialist. Can someone tell me where I could locate one please

woody89, Jan 11, 11:11pm
Gp should be able to refer or at least give names.

penwill1, Jan 11, 11:41pm
GP though a general surgeon but I want to see a breast specialist. Not many in NZ apparently

strathview, Jan 12, 9:44pm
Got a really good one in Invercargill

downshire, Jan 12, 10:40pm
If you are able to get to Wellington, Burton King at the Bowen Centre is really good.

arabelle, Jan 13, 6:46am
A/prof Ian Campbell in Hamilton is one of the best, or get hold of his rooms to find one that he would recommend closer to you.
I would expect Chch to have them as in all the main centres. It became a speciality a good 15 yrs ago.

penwill1, Jan 6, 5:45pm
Thanks will make an appointment with Burton King in Wellington

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