Chrondro dermatitis

maclad, Apr 16, 7:02pm
Any suffers who have this condition, how do you manage it. My ears get so sore when sleeping, as I just cannot sleep on my back, and I constantly wake during the night. Is there any protection I can use to alleviate the pain.

melford, Apr 16, 7:28pm
Sorry you have this painful condition.You can buy a special pillow from innovation nz that has a hole where your ear touches the pillow so you can still sleep on your side. If you don't want to spend $37 you can buy a piece of sponge like a bath sponge, cut a round hole in it and attach it to your head with a headband.

maclad, Apr 16, 7:35pm
Thank you for that I will look up innovation NZ very grateful for help. I am so sick of this condition and so over it and so very tired of losing sleep.

melford, Nov 29, 3:03am
How are you going maclad?

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