Hiatus hernia

spyware, Apr 6, 3:03pm
Yep, and you'll have reflux all your life unless you have surgery. PPIs help somewhat.

schnauzer11, Apr 6, 3:30pm
I did before I had surgery, years ago. You'll find a couple of old threads discussing this in the Search area.

ralta, Apr 6, 4:16pm
Yes and yes. I have made changes to diet, tried various medications and had surgery twice but still have it, though not as severely as prior to surgery.

madoof1, Apr 6, 9:05pm
Find the right surgeon though, my husband had it done, he now has a worse condition for life as result of a surgeon that should have retired 20 years ago. Do your research on the surgeon! Ask around, but if done correctly, it will change your life for the better

waipawa, Apr 7, 7:36am
I have a sliding hiatus hernia. I used to wake in the night struggling to breathe with stomach acid in my throat and nose. Yuck!
For me, losing some weight off my belly and not lying down for 3 hours after a meal keeps it at bay and I have been able to stop taking omeprazole.

schnauzer11, Apr 7, 10:17am
Very good advice! Luckily a friend was a theatre-nurse at the time I was to have mine, and told me the surgeon she assisted to do the most meticulous job of this procedure. At my first consult he stressed that he considered there was 'only one go' at this, so he did his best for a good result. Mine was perfect and changed the life of this busy Mum/full-time nurse so much for the better. Very sadly, this surgeon died(cancer) a few years ago so I won't name him. Getting a good recommendation for this type of procedure is priceless.

grandmasue1, Apr 7, 11:56am
Waiting on surgery for one now but I have been on Ranitidine for it for about 15 years. I felt that it was being managed but a recent MRI scan for another reason showed that it needs repairing before the other condition can be fixed.

delshamic, Dec 3, 5:45pm
gravity helps sleep.
raise the head end of the bed on a 4x2 under the top wheels
2 inches helps keep stomach below diaphram and less reflux
dont eat chocolate . it relaxes sphincter muscle in diaphram and allows stomach acid to come up
Two pillows is no good at all as thorax needs elevation,not head
google GERD lots of good helps

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