Radiation Threat?

machinehead, Mar 1, 6:04pm

We live in apartment and it is very small. Up one floor there is a much nicer/larger apartment.

However, in straight line of sight, ~380m away, there is a Cellphone tower (like in picture).

(our apartment level currently sheltered by warehouse).

Is this type of non-ionizing radiation, at this distance, a significant threat?

We are considering moving to the apartment in question, but this is our only concern.

machinehead, Mar 1, 6:12pm
*I forgot the link for the picture.


axelvonduisberg, Mar 2, 2:45pm
It all depends on one level of paranoia. The powers that be will tell you that the levels will be under the set levels for such installations.

smyrnia, Mar 2, 3:19pm
If you can recieve calls from the tower in your current appartment then there will be no difference by moving to the other appartment.
That warehouse will be provideing minimal shielding.

lillol, Mar 2, 3:41pm
I believe if you make some hats out of tinfoil you will be alright!

lythande1, Mar 2, 4:14pm
Come on, it's been proved time and again it's not going to hurt you

venna2, Mar 2, 6:50pm
I am disappointed in the facetious comments you've been getting. I can't answer your question but if I was in your situation I know I would be worried too.

Remember that Marie Curie, to name one scientist from years gone by, died from radiation poisoning. At the time, people didn't yet realise the dangers of handling radioactive substances. Who knows what may be dangerous today, and obviously the powers that be may have a vested interest in not wanting us to know.

machinehead, Mar 3, 8:46am
Not the greatest wording, but I have an idea of what you're trying to express.


". the powers that be. ", who dictate things such as Resource Management Regulations/National Environmental Standards (in relation to this particular question):

*Alistair Dixon, TelstraClear Limited
*Chris Horne, Incite (Auckland) Limited, Resource Management Consultant for Telecom
*Christine Turner, formerly Telecom New Zealand Limited
*David Willetts, Enfocus Planning Limited – Ministry for the Environment Consultant
*Harry Hopkinson, Telecom New Zealand Limited
*Ian Hutchings, Ministry of Economic Development
*Irene Clarke, Local Government New Zealand
*Karl Mischewski, Vodafone New Zealand Limited
*Pat Holm, Local Government Advisory Group
*Poul Israelson, Harrison Grierson, Resource Management Consultant for Vodafone and TelstraClear
*Richard Hawke, Ministry of Economic Development
*Sally Gilbert, Ministry of Health.

Nothing biase here at all, everything's under control, go back to sleep.

trudyg1, Mar 31, 11:53am
Try the Ministry of Health website, it might but your mind at ease or at least give you some reliable information with which to make a decision


lythande1, Mar 31, 2:02pm
Tinfoil hat stuff. You're surrounded by "radiation", in NZ the one you need to worry about is called sunlight.

pico42, Mar 31, 4:40pm
I didn't realise that Marie Curie's house overlooked a cellphone tower.

kay141, Mar 31, 5:18pm
Isn't it amazing the things we didn't know.

To say there is a correlation between cell phone towers and Maries Curies death is idiotic.

The amount of radiation she absorbed in her daily handling of radioactive materials, and her work with very early xray techniques can'y compare to the minute amounts emitted by the towers.

You will get more radiation from the sun than from a tower.

milkath, Apr 6, 12:09pm
An old am transistor radio off stations can pick up EMF's in your house coming from wires. I'm not sure if it will pick up the EMF's from a tower. But it is a cheap way to see the EMF's in your own home.

milkath, Apr 6, 12:14pm
Multidetector Electromagnetic Field Meter or you could get one of these. And it sounds like to me that you are well read on both sides of the issue. Good on you.

buzzy110, Dec 4, 6:55pm
You learn something new every day and if I am lucky, like today, I laugh till I cry.

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