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pinky6, Dec 27, 5:34pm
my partner is in hospital ,he has just rang me said his kidneys are making too much urine , and they are in shock,.he had a prostate operation august was sent home with infection and has had them ongoing,he CANT pee much at all ,spends ages in the loo,he has been on 3x different antibiotics in the last 6 weeks ,ix lot were wrong ones ,did a urine test , 2x and 3rd lot were right ones but no change he has there a name for what he has ,as ive googled it .they said hes passed 1 ltre 200 as soon as they catheterised ,then 500 mls every half hour.they said its way too much urine.

grandmasue1, Dec 27, 6:07pm
My husband drains about 5 litres a day, yes he too has excessive drainage and has had an indwelling catheter for 6 years now and is 80.
The first time he was catheterised he drained 7 litres much to the astonishment of the medics but his bladder went into shock and has never restarted. A normal output is about 1500 per day. It is good that they are draining your man in short bursts.

pinky6, Dec 27, 6:51pm
wow 7 litres.yes i have the feeling the cathiter will be permanent he is 79.thanks for answering me

jayimu, Dec 27, 7:52pm
The broad term for passing too much urine is Diabetes Insipidis. There can be a few causes of it, but one arises in the kidneys themselves and is called Nephrogenic or Renal Diabetes Insipidis. There's a hormone that works on the kidneys to concentrate water, and for various reasons it stops working. I'm not really up with renal DI, I had a quick google, I'm more familiar with one of the other forms where people don't produce the hormone.

janch, Dec 27, 7:55pm
one reason for excessive and dilute urine production can be diabetes insipidus - this is caused by problems either in the brain or in the kidneys (i.e. long-term kidney infection or blockage in ureters etc) - hope that helps

grandmasue1, Dec 27, 9:20pm
We have learned to live with it and have had very few deama's although at the beginning it seemed to rule our lives. Although he is a very large man he is not diabetic.

lythande1, Dec 28, 8:22am
No it isn't! Diabetes is a pancreas issue, peeing a lot is because the body tries to eliminate the excess sugar. And is only one symptom.

Excessive urination volume (called polyuria) occurs when you urinate more than normal. Urine volume is considered excessive if it equals more than 2.5 liters per day.

Excessive Urination Volume (Polyuria)

Medical causes

Medical causes
bladder infection
urinary incontinence
interstitial nephritis
kidney failure
kidney stones
sickle cell anemia
enlarged prostate, also known as benign prostatic hyperplasia (most common in men over 50 years old)
certain kinds of cancer

Considering his issue, it's not unnatural.

jayemtoo, Dec 28, 8:31am
Need to update your medical degree - or googling skills!
Diabetes insipudus is a totally different disease and related to the piturity gland.

pinky6, Dec 28, 1:27pm
prognosis today is operation on prostate was not successful,its blocked again he is coming home with cathiter bag,to be reviewed in a month.he cannot pee ,it causes pain and burning ,doctors said his kidneys were in "shock""and the nerves that control the bladder are not unhappy camper .thankyou all so much for your input

spyware, Dec 28, 2:59pm

grandmasue1, Dec 29, 8:55am
Believe me, life can still be good, The big advantage we found when traveling was that we could just pull up almost anywhere, and discretely drain the bag. Prior to that we spent most journeys looking for the next loo.
It is much better than having a damp patch at the front and the bag is very discreet.

schnauzer11, Jan 11, 7:01am
Diabetes Mellitis is the form where the pancreas is impaired, D.I. has a variety of causes.

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