Fat grafting procedure to part-replace breast.

hazelnut2, Apr 6, 9:03am
Hi, Has anyone undergone this under the public system? I've had a left mastectomy and the plastic surgeon has me lined up to remove belly fat by liposuction and use it to cover my bony and painful chest.

As I only found this out yesterday I didn't have time to do any research and to ask the important question about a compression garment. Do I provide it, or will I get one?

Anyone on here had it done?

gabbysnana, Apr 6, 1:04pm
Your plastic surgeon can tell you that.

buzzy110, Apr 6, 1:09pm
Sorry cannot help but the very best wishes for the procedure. I hope it all goes well for you.

hazelnut2, Apr 6, 5:46pm
Thank you buzzy110! I hope it goes well too!

buzzy110, Apr 9, 5:59pm
When is your surgery scheduled hazelnut?

hazelnut2, Apr 9, 6:06pm
How long is a piece of string? ;) If I haven't heard from the booking office by October I have to call them!

buzzy110, Apr 9, 6:26pm
Sorry. I didn't realise. I do hope they get back to you soon.

Btw, I've always known how long a piece of string is. It is twice as long as half its length.

happiclown, Apr 9, 7:35pm
Your OT will provide you with the compression garment.

Mine provides them for the lymphedema that is the result of my mastectomies

happiclown, Apr 9, 7:36pm
And let the Occupational therapist sort it out. They have training in what compression you require and where

hazelnut2, Apr 10, 7:47am
Thanks for your help. Do they provide one immediately post surgery?

hazelnut2, Apr 10, 7:48am
I learnt that too!

happiclown, Apr 10, 1:14pm
As I have not had the surgery you are waiting on, I am not sure.

But ring the Occupational therapist at your local hospital and ask to speak to someone who knows about compression garments,

I did not get one with my bilateral mastectomy as I was not having any reconstruction at the time. I don't know it would be immediate as the surgery and scars may need to heal?

I learnt about compression garments and who provides and assists you with them 18 months post surgery ad I developed a condition from the lymph node removal that means I need compression sleeves and a compression vest for comfort.

hazelnut2, Dec 3, 12:44am
happiclown, I had the mastectomy last year for DCIS, and lymph node removal 6 years ago when the same breast had developed IDC and I had a WLE and radiation.

I didnt' develop lymphoma so don't need any of those kind of compression garments.

I do need the one which will hold my skin to my body to help it heal up from the liposuction process required to source the fat for the graft I'll be having for the problem I have, i.e. to fill in the huge dint and cover some of my prominent ribs AND reduce the constant nerve pain This fat has to come from somewhere, hence the liposuction required to get it. This will be on my upper abdomen.

I've decided that I'm going to take a big ACE bandage and wrap myself up tight if nothing is supplied at the hospital.

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