Re the 'germ phobia' . . . .

nruter, Jun 2, 3:37pm
. . . . which seems to have got out of hand.

As a regular player of the pokie machines am surprised have never seen anyone playing with gloves. That is such a full-on touching thing, not only the keys but some players wipe their hands over the screens at various times.

Just a thought.

spyware, Jun 2, 3:59pm
How much money have you lost so far?

nruter, Jun 2, 8:28pm
Not as much as if I was a drinker or a smoker.
But don't keep track - just play for enjoyment.

norse_westie, Jun 3, 10:07am
OP what germ phobia and how has it got out of hand?

buzzy110, Jun 4, 3:45pm
Are we overprotecting our children from dirt?

kacy5, Jun 4, 5:28pm
I hope you don't handle money OP, apparently that is the filthiest for germs.

nruter, Jun 5, 2:36am
Oh you are funny. One needs money to play the pokies.

kacy5, Jun 5, 12:07pm
I hope you sanitised it then or your hands will be teaming with bacteria.

emmerson1, Jun 8, 12:03am
Are you using the gambling to try and cope with your anxiety? Are there any better ways you could learn to help with anxiety?

Re dirty gamblers, apparently in the US casinos if some people think their machine is just about to pay out they won't even leave the machine to go to the toilet.

buzzy110, Nov 8, 3:52am
Don't know where you got that last bit of information but you do realise that a player can reserve a machine if they need to leave it for any reason. And just for your information, pokie machines are now linked to each other so no individual machine will be 'coming up' for a big win more than any of the others it is linked to.

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