Orthodontist in Christchurch

lisa7, Feb 8, 4:50pm
Normally your child would get a referral from their dental visit at school. Miss 11 is on a treatment plan, she has had x-rays and about 6 teeth pulled out. She is still a couple of years away from getting braces, as her adult teeth have not grown yet. We went to Orthodontix in Cashmere.

brightlights60, Feb 11, 12:48am
I like Donna Batchelor. She had a "lets wait a bit" attitude and both my girls who had been recommended braces by an enthusiastic dentist didn't need them at all.

articferrit, Feb 15, 9:58am
I took my son to Russell Lovatt when he was about 9, its was easier to start sorting out problems early rather than 'wait and see' until you had a bigger more expensive mouth full of problems. Fixed it (with no tooth removal) because we started early and with a fixed price contract.

hakatere1, Feb 15, 11:19am
One of our kids had teeth like Bugs Bunny. No-one else in the family had crooked teeth except him.The dentist asked him did he suck his thumb, He replied yes. The dentist asked him for a favour, stop sucking his thumb for a month and see what happens. They straightened up almost straight away. He married a school friend who also had perfect, gappy teeth and now their 4 kids have great teeth too, even the twins .

ozalina, Feb 20, 12:31pm
orthodontix is pretty good. he got a couple of practices in christchurch and one in ashvegas

themakeoverclub, Dec 18, 4:33pm
Hi, can anyone recommend an orthodontist for my 9 year old? Definitely needs to be child friendly! Thanks in advance :)

andrew697, Feb 20, 5:06am
Joseph Antoun in Halswell (Longhurst).

Donna Batchelor.

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