arthur-dailey, Jan 13, 12:50pm

lythande1, Jan 13, 1:10pm
I didn't blame the tree.
Husband blamed me, LOL.

Needed doing. then the other week, got stabbed in the eye with a lemon tree branch, guess me and trees don't get on.

lythande1, Nov 29, 2:56pm
Cutting a branch of the Macrocarpa today (sigh, wish we could afford to have it removed). Anyway it cracked, swung down, although SO held it as much as he could reach, when I cut right through it shoved me off the stepladder.
That's OK, but I have bad arthritis in one ankle and it's trashed my foot. Can't walk on it now at all.
Damn tree.

buzzy110, Nov 29, 4:07pm
Rotten thing to happen just before Christmas. I hope your mobility isn't too restricted by then or its sitting in the deck chair with the champagne for you to dull the pain. On second thoughts.

yapper, Feb 22, 3:50am
Don't blame the tree!

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