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oh_hunnihunni, Nov 22, 7:52pm
Or long term NSAIDS use.

olwen, Nov 22, 8:14pm
I buy sublingual from https://nz.pipingrock.com/ It is economical

grandmasue1, Nov 24, 7:48pm
I had my B12 injection at my Doctors yesterday. Then I went to the chemist to collect regular scripts and they told that shortly I wiil just be able to go there for my injection.

devonwrecked, Nov 24, 8:27pm
For those who love interesting facts: primates are one of a few species that don't manufacture B12 in a form that is available to the body. It is made in the lower gut, and excreted before it can be metabolised. It is believed that this is the reason why apes and monkeys are observed eating their own excrement. It used to be thought it was boredom from being caged, but they do it in the wild as well. So there you go. :)

olwen, Nov 24, 9:15pm
That's interesting, one reason I don't have injections is that it costs $25 for a nurse to jab me.

trogedon, Nov 24, 10:07pm
Maybe they were bored in the wild too.

buzzy110, Nov 24, 11:44pm
Nah. Have you watched David Attenborough recently? If you did then you would see that the 'vegan' primates, held up as a fine example of how humanity evolved, are no such thing. When they can, they eat meat. They even go on hunting parties and kill other primates and consume the carcasses of those they kill.

There is a good reason for the hunting parties but I bet they eat the meaty 'windfall' in order to get the vital nutrients that a vegan only diet doesn't provide.

Vegans who believe that huge primates are 100% are just turning a blind eye to the real facts. Even so called vegan whales get fish protein from krill.

kara101, Nov 25, 2:17pm
B12 injection in the arm had heaps. If they sting you are lacking in B12. But ask them to inject slowly and it hurts less if they take their time.

frances1266, Nov 25, 2:22pm
I take B12 once a week, think it is Solgar brand, works fine for me. Think the cyan one is meant to be better than the methyl.

trade4us2, Nov 25, 3:03pm
Many older people lack B12. That can cause numbness or tingling in arms and legs, and could eventually cause nerve damage. A blood test will show if you are deficient, although I have the symptoms even at level 350.

Marmite has B12, but some people can't absorb it so need the injection.

buzzy110, Nov 26, 12:07pm
Thanks for information regarding tingling in arms and legs. I will tuck it away in my memory for future reference and know what to look for.

arabelle, Nov 26, 1:07pm
Same here, its total nonsense this needing an injection but that is what Pharmac subsidises so the sheep go along with it. Also it can be bought OTC, I used to give myself my injections many years ago and was then about $12 for 5 amps. much cheaper than going to the doc and asking for a Rx. My sublingual tabs came from the USA cos there were none in NZ at the time. and are the super strength so I only need two per month works out at about $30 for 3 yrs supply.
I have part of the gut missing which is why I can not 'eat' or drink' B12

arabelle, Nov 26, 1:09pm
It doesnt come from meat. its a VITAMIN not iron, and unless you have had surgery or intestinal disability, most folk dont need it as a supplement.

buzzy110, Nov 26, 1:17pm
"Vitamin B12 is naturally found in animal products, including fish, meat, poultry, eggs, milk, and milk products. Vitamin B12 is generally not present in plant foods, but fortified breakfast cereals are a readily available source of vitamin B12 with high bioavailability for vegetarians. "

So yes, unless you choose fortified foods it has to come from animal products. I do not eat fortified cereal products and a jar of marmite lasts us 18months so it is not a reliable source of it.

venna2, Nov 26, 1:17pm
It's a vitamin but it is still found in meat, as well as fish, eggs and various other things. That's why vegans and vegetarians are at greater risk.

Older people are more susceptible and of course those with pernicious anaemia, in which case B12 cannot be absorbed from food.

cgvl, Nov 26, 2:00pm
venna2 you are correct that those with PA can't absorb B12 through food or for that matter sub lingual. I have to have the injections as my gut will not absorb it any other way. One of the signs I get is the shakes similar to Alzhiemers shakes its horrible, another is lack of appetite. I started off with injections monthly now I have them 3 monthly and boy do I know when they are due.

zinga5, Dec 20, 12:17am
My GP told me I probably had pernicious anaemia as my levels were so low. I dont eat a lot of meat nowdays as my 53 yr old digestion finds it too heavy, but eat lots of leafy green veges. I can tell when my levels are dropping, and I need an injection; I start losing my words for everyday objects and my neuropathic pain (spinal issues) get worse

2sabar, Dec 20, 8:22am
clinicians b12 drops from the chemist

venna2, Dec 20, 8:50am
Yes, what you describe (cgvi and zinga5) sounds much like what my mother went through years ago. Pernicious anaemia, untreated, can cause "mental" symptoms, and she (and also one of her brothers) spent some time in a psychiatric hospital in the 1950s before being diagnosed. She had problems with her balance, and was very shaky at times .

Eventually she was given monthly injections of B12 (which restored her to 'normal') and also hydrochloric acid to replace her stomach lining. I don't know if hydrochloric acid is still given; it seemed drastic to me, and I couldn't help wondering, when she eventually died of pancreatic cancer, whether it may have been harmful. I may be wrong, of course, as pancreatic cancer seems more prevalent lately, unfortunately, unless I just take notice when I hear of anyone suffering from it.

taurus2005, Dec 26, 1:24pm
I hate injections so the Dr prescribes me multi vitamin pills. I take one a day. Havn't needed a jab for years.

hakatere1, Dec 26, 2:36pm
I used to work with a vege. She had a strange, sweet smell to her. Not stink, just strange.

grandmasue1, Dec 26, 3:47pm
I am lucky that I seldom get charged and if I do it is $15, a very small price to pay for an improvement in quality of life.

olwen, Dec 26, 10:06pm
Sublingual B12 works for me, and is cheaper.

buzzy110, Dec 27, 12:25pm
Sounds like her diet was too high in sugar - added sugar, fruit, grains.

angelminx, Feb 24, 2:15am
I was told I would have to start b12 following my gastric bypass. I started with the clinicians drops 1 a day under the tongue. However I found them really annoying so made the decision to go to the three monthly injection which was another option.

I am an RN so I can give myself the injection 3/12 and cut out the middle person.

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