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lisah23, Jan 1, 10:29pm
i get my doctor to do mine while i am there getting my next 3 months scripts, he earns his money with me

luigi21, Nov 21, 7:40pm
Doc says you need to have an injection of B12 and has to come via a prescription from the Chemist? What is it please ?

alston, Nov 21, 7:47pm
B12 ?

twinkley1, Nov 21, 7:58pm
A form of iron. Did you not ask your Doc?

jackiep1, Nov 21, 8:02pm
its a injection that they give you, you can be given them every 3 months

twinkley1, Nov 21, 8:04pm
Or more regularly, I had them monthly for ages. Sometimes one does the trick too.

r.g.nixon, Nov 21, 8:22pm
Umm. there isn't a single atom of iron in it. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vitamin_B12

ingies, Nov 21, 8:59pm

we_egg, Nov 21, 9:03pm
B.12 you obtain from animal products. Without it you can feel tired and no motivation.

strathview, Nov 21, 9:28pm

olwen, Nov 21, 9:35pm
Not iron at all. It is a B vitamin. Lack of it causes pernicious anaemia. Some people have trouble absorbing it. Injections work. I buy a sublingual form,

venna2, Nov 22, 7:57am
It's not exactly the lack of B12 that causes pernicious anaemia. It's the inability of the stomach to produce 'intrinsic factor', and this prevents the absorption of B12. So someone can eat heaps of foods high in B12 but still suffer from pernicious anaemia, and this is why they can absorb the vitamin only through injections.

lythande1, Nov 22, 8:36am
B12 is what you lack if anemic. (Can also be iron but that's a different item).
Lucky you, my husband didn't get anything, we had to buy our own.

buzzy110, Nov 22, 12:42pm
Lots of good information in this thread. When I was anaemic (vegetarian at the time) my doctor explained to me, as she was preparing a b12 injection, that it was necessary to help the body utilise iron - that is the simplest explanation, then jabbed me. I felt brilliant within hours. She also gave me some good solid, down to earth, dietary advice, pretty much along the lines of, "if I didn't want to keep getting injections for B12 and folic acid then I should eat meat because that is where B12 and haem iron is best sourced". She had other things to say about vegetarian diets and menstruating women.

I didn't have problems with B12 other than not getting any through my diet. It is my opinion that people with B12, folic acid and iron issues should take their doctor's advice. Anaemia is not known to be beneficial for longevity.

rose-murray, Nov 22, 12:52pm
I have been anaemic my whole life. Mother pouring tonics into me, growing up with IBS and constant colds. Since my kidney transplant I have had several iron infusions and as far as I could tell they did nothing for me. I am always tired and now having read about B12 I wonder if it's what I need. I will ask my specialist next month when I see him.
ETA I eat meat but perhaps if I have a problem with my gut I can't utilise the iron.

kiwitrader43, Nov 22, 2:44pm
Stop sugar, dairy and anything with caffeine in it. Have the B12 shots as NZ soils are extremely low in this mineral.
Research NZ volcanic soils and mineral deficiencies. This may help educate you on why your health is not spot on at present. Consider eating Trail mix nut/raisin mix from the supermarket also. Good spread of minerals there too.
Try and eat more foods that grow in the ground and are not found in packets and tins.

rose-murray, Nov 22, 2:58pm
Are you responding to my post ? I already eat an unprocessed diet. I also don't think y health has ever been spot on. Certainly my gut has never been "normal". Over many years I have modified my diet to try anything that dietitians or naturopaths deemed to be healthy for me. Vegetarian, fodmaps, paleo. A lot of these types of diet became too expensive to maintain so now I just keep my diet as natural as possible. No added sugar but I do drink tea and a little dairy. Eliminating any of these in the past has not proven to be of benefit.

venna2, Nov 22, 4:04pm
And B12 is not a mineral, it's a vitamin, rose-murray.

buzzy110, Nov 22, 4:06pm
You are a special case. I have been accused, in here of picking and choosing what treatments I will accept and what I won't, as if that is wrong. You know that it is totally wise to follow medical advice but there is nothing wrong with asking if it is possible that a B12 injection would be of help to you. You will get an educated opinion on this subject, if nothing else.

rose-murray, Nov 22, 4:29pm
Although you and I have had the odd misunderstanding I know you are a very knowledgeable person and I respect that. I am at a stage of my life and health where i feel i can't risk picking and choosing treatments but I am not above asking questions that have never been asked or answered by professionals. My GP is not very helpful and my nephrologist, although a very caring and concerned man doesn't have time to take too much of a holistic approach to his patients health. I will ask him when I see him in a couple of weeks just in case something has been missed.

frances1266, Nov 22, 4:34pm
I have never been deficient in b12 and haven't eaten meat for over 30 years.

cleo444, Nov 22, 5:21pm
I am assuming, perhaps wrongly, that you are a vegan frances, which would cut out other areas where you would get B12 such as dairy and eggs. If this is the case do you supplement B12 at all?

uniracer, Nov 22, 5:53pm
Uh, no.

It's one cause of anaemia. It can be from lack of intrinsic factor (pernicious anaemia), from poor dietary intake, or poor absorption due to bowel surgery or coeliac disease.

grandmasue1, Nov 22, 7:46pm
Often people who have had serious bowel surgery or lack the intrinsic factor

oops I see uni-racer and I are on the same page.

I have monthly B12 injections, and also take ferrograd daily.it is helping with many things, including memory, nerve damage from surgery.
I am not vegan and eat a balanced diet but do have PA, and have also had my colon removed so lack the intrinsic factor.
Some people have 3 monthly injections.

oh_hunnihunni, Nov 22, 7:51pm
I use Clinicians B12 drops - one sub lingual daily, instead of the injection. My levels have been stable now for three years on that regime. More expensive than script and jab, but I hate needles. Specially those ones.

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